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    Manacite is a substance that forms in the presence of significant amounts of mana. Generally, this is a natural occurrence that happen in places where the boundary between the prime material plane and the manathereal plane is weak.

    As it forms, it slowly hardens. Initially it is so soft as to be like a firm mud. Eventually it hardens so much that nothing is known that can break it without magical assistance. The harder it gets, the stronger its connection to the manathereal becomes stronger allowing it to power more powerful items and effects.

    Once it forms to a hardness resembling gra

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    Once it reaches a hardness similar to granite, it is commonly used in an arch wizard level ritual as a mortal like substance that mixes with other substances and permanently imbues the resulting substance with an ability related to the main planar effect of that substance.

    For example, the Laputans have master mixing manacite with components from the plane of air in order to create their floating cities and platforms.

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    Kargin says Hmmm… We should be buying up old Manacite mines for the glory of V’ral (or some such non-sense), and have Sorvani do his magnification/megafication mojo on the mines. Regenerate the Manacite at a accelerated rate, and mine the renewed deposits for a hefty profit.

    Renew Deposit (Alteration) (C 7th) [From Dragon #129]
    VSM; CT 2 hours; R Touch; AoE 1 Mine; D Special; ST None.

    With this spell a Dwarven High Priest can renew the normally non-renewable mineral resources upon which Dwarven society depends. With this spell a depleted mineral or metal ore deposit can slowly grow and renew itself. First a mineral ‘seed’ must be prepared, of the same type as the deposit to be renewed. The value of the seed ranges from 5000 GP for a base metal (such as Iron) up to 25000 GP for a very rare substance (such as Mithril). Once the spell is cast, the depleted deposit slowly grows new ore until the vein is completely renewed. The rate of renewal depends on the substance:

    Base metal 5-30 years (e.g. Iron, Copper)
    Precious metal 20-80 years (e.g. Silver, Gold)
    Very rare metal 70-100 years (e.g. Mithril)
    Semiprecious stones 5-20 years
    Fancy stones 10-60 years
    Gemstones 20-80 years

    The substance grows until the original volume of the deposit is renewed. If the vein is again depleted, the spell may be cast again. If the vein is hastily mined before it is fully renewed, the spell is broken and no further growth occurs. Furthermore, no regrowth can ever occur even if the spell is cast again because the vein will have been spiritually polluted.
    (Material component: The vastly expensive mineral ‘seed’).

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    so let me see if i have this straight - you think magic can somehow regrow magic ?? and you think that some spell hastily modified by the Powerviner can somehow restore extraplanar material to mines that are already regrowing on their own, as they have for millenia before elvenkind even crawled out of the realms of the fae…

    uh-huh… seeings as Dumathoin’s little tricks don’t even exist in the manaverse yet…

    -the non-daerma DM ;p
    (busily getting polluted with the actual daerma DM)

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    the above posted by @dwarf while I was in the pisser.

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    Dumathoin may not exist in the manaverse yet, but when has the absence of a diety ever stopped a powerviner from building, weaving, and manifesting a spell in the first place. If anything that will just motivate them. You gave the powerviner the answer in your post, zap probably subtly dropped it in there as the dwarf was typing i can only suspect.

    magic that can somehow regrow magic… restore extra planar material to mines that are already regrowing on their own…

    Thanks for the tip Zap.

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    <zap shakes his head>
    ahh, how sad - Daren hasn’t played in so long, he’s forgotten how magic works…

    magic cannot regenerate magic, silly boy - that’d create an endless feedback loop, and i’m sure you remember how painful those can be…

    so ask yourself, what CAN magic regenerate ?? and, by simple inversion principle, what can regenerate magic ? or, if this is beyond your ken now, cast back your memory to what sort of creature first built the AH gems, along with the most expedient way to make Ancient Arrows of Force ?

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    It has been a while since i played. I’ll give you that. <sigh> you know that now i have to prove you wrong, there is always a way. No rewriting the rules of the universe, that would be cheating.

    “magic cannot regenerate magic” - not directly of course, i haven’t been retired that long. Magic can still influence magic exerting its influence upon each other.

    “so ask yourself, what CAN magic regenerate ?” - All sorts of stuff can regenerate and/or recharge magic. The example you gave is one of many, all kinds of lore about it. Hell i even think the Ogre converts kinetic damage to a mana pool.

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    <smirk> by all means, prove me wrong… of course, maybe my ultimate goal was just to get your decrepit, disseminated old brain cells back firing again 😉

    yes, the ogre did come up with his Energy Harvest for draining both absorbed energy damage from Energy Containment as well as stored damage in Kinetic Control… which was also the driving force for his prototype Landjammers and the battleogre Spelljammer ships…

    as far as Manacite Mines go, it’s a fair assumption that efforts have been made by the Laputans, as well as the other large societies of this world, to backwards engineer mine location via study of the Manathereal Plane - to little effect, i’d wager… of course, they don’t have access to things a powermaster can do, either. how long will it take Turdvani (or someone else in Power) to figure out the combination lock of easily finding manacite deposits ?

    (( hint - it somehow involves the Gods of Magic on this world, heh heh heh ))

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    Hey i remember Battleogre Spelljammer Ships, but i’m drawing a blank on prototype Landjammers? what was that?

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    putting a kinetic spelljammer helm on a motorbike 😉

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    So far we have seen the Laputans use the manacite as floating discs to achieve levitation for their cities. Has any of the Laputan’s gotten ambitious and tried to pull an Ioulaum and imbue/create a Mythallar made of Manacite?

    If memory services the Netherese use to also power their magic items from their Mythallar as well, not sure how a Manacite imbued Mythallar would look success or failure it should be spectacular.

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