Portable Hole, Estate, Mansion, etc...

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    @dwarf Do you have the pricing on the various sizes of portable hole upgrades? And space available?

    Its been so long, i don’t really remember anymore.

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    i only have the 2e pricing details for the bigger 'uns - dunno what they’d translate to in 3e, mathmatically it looks like around a quarter ?
    the hardest part was always harvesting that much silk from phase spiders (buggers are hard to catch and nigh impossible to contain) !!

    bag of holding type 4 - 6’ x 6 ‘x 6’ (roughly). 2e retail = 80k (for reference, 3e is 10k)
    portable hole - 6’ diameter circle x 10’ deep. 2e retail = 90k (for reference, 3e its 20k)
    portable cottage - 4 rooms in a 30’ x 30’ x 30’ cube. 2e retail = 250k (75k now ?)
    portable mansion - 12 rooms in a 50’ x 50’ x 50’ cube. 2e retail = 500k (125k now ?)
    portable estate (minor artifact) - 10 x 10 acres. 2e retail = 2.5 million
    portable island (major artifact) - 5 x 5 miles. 2e retail = 20 million

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    whew… portable island, very nice. don’t think i have ever had one of those. Little rich for my blood.

    Do we have a party mansion? or is everyone on their own for accommodations?

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    i don’t believe we’ve ever had a party mansion - everybody just used Erok’s portable brewery (mansion) to crash in, back in the day. somehow doubt y’all would volunteer to stay in the alchemists portable lab (cottage) >;p
    (other than for last-ditch emergency purposes, obviously - and even then…)

    “don’t look under the bed… don’t look under the bed… DO NOT look under the bed…” kargin mutters twitchily to himself.

    “dregnoth, there’s a spider in your bathroom !” one shoe whispers urgently.
    “so ?”
    “it has EYESTALKS dregnoth !!!”

    “can someone ELSE get my cloak out of the closet… please ?” immeral asks worriedly. “there were a lot of…disturbed voices calling out ‘JOIN US !!’ and… nope. nope nope nope.”

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