Magic Item Discussion

  • PC

    Presently under the 3.5 rules set the following Magic Items are considered minor artifacts, do we agree with that or do we home rule it.

    • Staff of Magi
    • Hammer of Thunderbolts


  • DM

    No you cannot make them, yet.

    The classification as minor artifact stands.

    From the 3.5 DMG page 277

    Minor artifacts are not necessarily unique items. Even so, they are magic items that no longer can be created, at least by common mortal means.

    Doesn’t mean you cannot figure out how to make them later.

  • PC

    I couldn’t make them yet anyway, but wasn’t sure if we still considered them minor artifacts.

  • PC

    hammer of thunderbolts, eh ?? pity you don’t know anyone with blue dragon bones >;p

    magi staves usually require lich essence to fashion… easily wrested out of an active phylactery - and given that we’re approaching the level required to encounter liches, ya might wanna plan for that (in all your devious machinations)

    have you figured out how to ignite and fuel your Spellfire Forge yet ???

  • PC

    Kargin thinks he may try and go in a slightly different direction, and maybe take a page out of SpellWeaver History (even though it ended poorly for them) and ignite himself a mana furnace.

    I do hear staff’s of magi make for great kindling when igniting such a furnace.

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