V'Ral Thread

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    Opening up the thread to discuss specifics.

    So I will throw out a few questions to get us rolling. Whats the approximate size of V’Ral, population? acres?

    I would assume a city of V’Ral has magic shops, that can sell any matter of standard magic items?

    As well as forgers, inns, fletchers, healing services, bakers, etc…?

    What form of government does V’Ral operate under?

    What is the predominate Race the occupies V’Ral?

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    what i remember :

    think cloud said the pop. was a few thousand

    the “magic shops” all wander around wearing white robes 😉

    healing services are available at the temples, per usual

    the temple of Reorx/Damien is (obviously) also a forge - which probably makes most of the weaponry for the town guardsmen, as well as a goodly percentage of the populace

    the other typical shops (inns, fletchers, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers (jewelers)) of course exist. so do guilds - tho the thieves guild is rather pitiful, compared to the rest. difficult to hide from an everpresent unsleeping obelisk - though minor pickpocketing and such is beneath his notice.

    V’ral is a duchy - or rather, WAS until they hopped 'verses… Rose is serving as Regent until Varalla can retire from hosting the avatar of her god and return to running the city

    predominate race in Vral is human, 2nd most common is prolly dwarves

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    Who made it back from the V’ral multi-verse relocation?

    Anyone from the Fallen Legion? Which NPC’s(I’m aware of Varalla, and Sorvani)

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    none of the “active” Fallen Legion were in town when the transfer happened… presumably SOME of the inactive/retired ones are probably hereabouts (like Nedok, for example - when the player vanished, we kept the character around to run the church of Torm).

    all of the city’s populace and known NPCs transferred inside the sphere - the mass of red-armored dwarves, the employees (and battleogres) at the brewery… there’s certainly a hidden Magnesti or two in the city keeping tabs with no current way to report back to the braincell - as well as Tarissa, my former magnesti rolandite PC 🙂 there’s also a hidden high-priestess of Artak in town - poorly hidden, because a) she’s an ogress and b) she leads their worship services (cough…fights…cough) until she figures out where and when to build a proper church.

    honestly don’t remember if Ronson the Smith ever moved to V’ral from Kalika or not… given his infatuation with Varalla, however, it’s not a stretch to imagine so…

    major temples to Roland, Torm, Reorx/Damien and Mystra… minor shrines to most of the other Forgotten Mess deities… school of magic…growing underground alchemical dungeon…gem shoppe and merchants row around the Obelisk Circle…

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    Did V’Ral move happen pre-Ethos, or post-Ethos?

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    @halfgiant said in V'Ral Thread:

    Did V’Ral move happen pre-Ethos, or post-Ethos?

    Post Ethos.

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    he MAY be asking if the move happened before or after the Ethosian Wars - in which case, the answer is pre-Ethos(ian war) … as his armies were still just spawning in Chult when the planequakes and shift occurred

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