• PC

    Starting a thread to work thru future inquiries regarding the Ancientizing of a character.

    First question to start off slowly, the process starts off with the character needing a artifact, and the process takes him threw taking the artifact apart, learning how it works, and reassembling the artifact back together in working order - is that role-played thru a series of skill checks?

    What Character Level does the character need to be to start the process?

    Does it matter if the artifact is minor, or greater artifact?

  • PC

    well, keep in mind that the origins of the Race of One, and their subsequent offspring races like Ancients and Powermasters, were designed and built around the 1st Edition AD&D framework…

    so, much like the evolved powermasters needing to hit 18th level parity, the evolved ancients did too - signifying their mastery of creating “normal” magic items, and needing an Artifact (there were no minor artifacts in 1e) to decompile and disassemble so they could learn how to bind MUCH more powerful effects into their creations (ie Ancient Items).

    as far as how it’d be played out in the 1e framework, well it’d involve a great deal of reagent harvesting and globetrotting to collect a number of incredibly rare composite items which would be used to temporarily “hold” the energies as you unwound them from the artifacts internal matrix - something that you’d eventually learn to do on the fly as a full Ancient 😉

    and yes - it’d also take a number of progressively more difficult skill checks to decouple and eventually rebind the artifact all together - providing, of course, that it’s original creator didn’t hunt you down in the month or so you’d need to do all that research (in other words, don’t try it on the Hand of Vecna, lol)

    a’course, how J wants to spin it in the 3e/10e manaverse is up to him !

  • DM

    I knew you were going to ask this when I first learned you were playing an artificer.

    I’m look into it.

  • PC

    Makes sense. I figured you would need a bit of time. Regardless, if the process requires years and years of game time and ridiculously rare reagents to accomplish the transformation. Then please don’t spend a ton of time on it, i wouldn’t want you to put in all that work for me to look at it and say, nah no thanks. I’ll probably shift gears and play a 10e wizard or something instead.