Rorek - Charge Notes

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    Magic Weapon Abilities - Valorous
    A valorous weapon allows its wielder to make powerful charge attacks. When used in a charge, the valorous weapon deals double damage, much like a mounted warrior with the Spirited Charge feat. More than one doubling of damage increases the damage multiple by one per additional doubling, so double-double damage is triple damage, triple-double damage is quadruple damage, and so on.

    Caster Level: 12th
    Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, righteous might
    Price: +1 bonus
    Unapproachable East

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    Powerful Charge
    ( Miniatures Handbook, p. 27)

    [Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

    You can charge with extra force.

    base attack bonus +1, Medium or larger,

    Required for
    Greater Powerful charge (MH) ,

    When you charge, if your melee attack hits, it deals an extra 1d8 points of damage (if you’re Medium). For Large creatures, the extra damage is 2d6; for Huge, 3d6; for Gargantuan, 4d6; and for Colossal, 6d6. This feat works only when you make a charge. It does not work when you’re mounted. If you have the ability to make multiple attacks on a charge, you may apply this extra damage to only one of those attacks in a round.

    A fighter may select Powerful Charge as one of his fighter bonus feats

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    Greater Powerful charge
    ( Miniatures Handbook, p. 27)

    [Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

    You can charge with extra force.

    Powerful Charge (MH) , base attack bonus +4, Medium or larger,

    As Powerful Charge, but treat yourself as one size category larger than you are. For Colossal creatures, the extra 6d6 points of damage bonus becomes 8d6.

    A fighter may select Greater Powerful Charge as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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    Leap Attack
    ( Complete Adventurer, p. 110)


    You can combine a powerful charge and a mighty leap into one devastating attack.

    Power Attack (PH) , Jump 8 ranks,

    You can combine a jump with a charge against an opponent. If you cover at least 10 feet of horizontal distance with your jump, and you end your jump in a square from which you threaten your target, you deal +100% the normal bonus damage from your use of the Power Attack feat. If you use this tactic with a two-handed weapon, you instead triple the extra damage from Power Attack.

    This attack must follow all the normal rules for using the Jump skill and for making a charge, except that you ignore rough terrain in any squares you jump over.

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    Had a paladin in anothe campaign with charging smite and some other feats. Was quite devastating.

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    Power Lunge

    ( Enemies and Allies, p. 50)


    Your ferocious attack may catch an opponent unprepared.
    Prerequisite: Power Attack (PH) , Base attack bonus +3,

    A successful attack roll during a charge allows you to inflict double your normal Strength modifier in addition to the attack’s damage. You provoke an attack of opportunity from the opponent you charged.

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    Charge Attack Notes

    Revised: 2.0

    Strength (Damage calculation): 18 (Base) + 2 (Racial) + 4 (4 ability score improvements) + 6 (Belt of Giant Strength) + 6 (Adrenalin Surge)

    Strength w/o Surge: 30 (+10); Strength w/ Surge: 36 (+13)

    Deal damage with a weapon that you are wielding two-handed, you add 1-1/2 times your Strength bonus.
    Two-Handed Weapon (1.5 damage modifier): Strength Damage: +13, @1.5x = +20
    Wielding a Weapon Two-Handed Rule:

    Total To-Hit Bonus: BAB: 16 + Str: 13 + Weapon Specialization: 4 + Feat: 1 + Weapon Enchantment: 3 = +37 to hit
    Total Damage Bonus: Str: 20 + Weapon Specialization: 4 + Feat: 1 + Weapon Enchantment: 3 = +28 to hit

    Power Attack : -10 to Hit; +10 to Damage (x2 for two-handed weapon) = +20 to Damage
    Power Attack:

    Total To-Hit Bonus: +37 to hit (-10 Power Attack) = +27 to hit
    Total Damage Bonus: +28 Damage (+20 Power Attack/2H Weapon) = +48 Damage

    Powerful Charge: Add extra damage to your charge.
    Medium: 1d8, Large: 2d6, Huge: 3d6, Gargantuan:4d6 , Colossal: 6d6

    Great Axe (Weapon Damage) – (x3 CRIT);
    Weapon Size: Medium 1d12, Large 3d6, Huge 4d6, Gargantuan 6d6, Colossal 8d6.
    Medium: 1d12 Base Weapon Damage

    Greater Powerful Charge: Increase one size category higher: Moves Medium to Large.
    ** 3d6 (Great Axe, Large) + 38(Total Damage Bonus) + 2d6 (Powerful Charge for large character)

    Leap Attack: +100% normal bonus damage from power attack feat, if using a two-handed weapon triple the extra damage; Power Attack Modifier (10 from above) x3 = +30

    Power Lunge: Double your strength modifier

    Valorous (Magic Weapon Ability): Weapon deals double damage

    • 3d6 (Great Axe, Large) + 3d6 (Valorous, Magic Weapon Ability)
    • 48(Total Damage Bonus)
    • 2d6 (Powerful Charge for Large character)
    • 30 (Leap Attack)
      +13 (Power Lunge - str modifier excluding the 1.5 mod from two-handed weapon)

    10E Fighter Elemental Spirit – Damage:

    • 3d6 (Great Axe, Large) + 3d6 (Valorous, Magic Weapon Ability)
    • 48 (Total Damage Bonus)
    • 2d6 (Powerful Charge; Character Large from Greater Powerful Charge)
    • 30 (Leap Attack)
      +13 (Power Lunge - str modifier excluding the 1.5 mod from two-handed weapon)
    • 5d10 (Energy Spirit)

    Rorek Charge: 3d6 + 3d6 + 48 + 2d6 + 30 + 13 + 5d10

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    as i don’t think Cloud is conscious yet after seeing that writeup, let me offer this :

    point the first : ability score bumps in 3.5e are 1 point every 4 levels (line 7), not 2 - so your total STR is prolly 4 points lower
    point the second : valorous weapon, being a +1 effect, would not have the balls to double every ruddy damage boost

    chewing it thru the big dwarven library, loosing the Rorik Axeblast ™ above give you one attack at the end of a double move, triggering an AoO against you at your normal AC -2, at :

    charge attack bonus of = bab 1 (-15 power atk) + str 13 + grandmaster 4 + enchant 3 + feat 1
    or +22 total

    and total max damage output = 6d6 base valorous + 2d6 (greater pcharge) + 5d10 (energyspirit) + str 19 (2-h so 13*1.5) + lunge 19 + powerleap 45 + grandmaster 4 + enchant 3 + feat 1
    or 8d6 + 5d10 + 91 on the first charge hit, dropping to 6d6 + 5d10 + 91 if you somehow hit more than once

    (( you don’t even wanna know the 3x crit output, cloud - lemme know if you need a few slightly used Abyssal Fire Titans to slow him down with ;p ))

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    here was my notez :

    so using a large greataxe, eh - so its base damage is 3d6, and your to his is BAB (16) + str bonus () + weapon grandmaster (4) + fcheat 1 + weapon bonus (3)

    ability bumps are 1 point every 4 lvls, which should make your STR 30 (+10) or 36 (+13) w/adrenaline surge II for 6 rounds o’ the combat

    charge = lets you 2x your move ending in a single melee attack w/+2 to hit in exchange for a -2 ac penalty
    power lunge - provoke an AoO to double your str damage modifier on your charge attack
    powerful charge = ONE melee atk gets extra 1d8 damage (at rorik’s size cat of M)
    greater pcharge = bumps that up to 2d6 (as if you were a large creature)

    power atk = exchange to hit bonus (up to BAB) for damage bonus on a 1:1 basis, 1:2 if using 2-h weapon
    leap atk = combine charge and jump to shift power atk bonus up to 1:2 basis, or 1:3 if using 2-h weapon

    valorous weapon = double base weapon damage when used in a charge

    misc damage mods = grandmastery (4), feat (1), weap enchantment (3)
    energy spirit (5d10)

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    Saving for a future implementation:

    Lion’s Charge
    (Savage Species)

    Level: Druid 1, Sorcerer 2, Wizard 2, Spellthief 2,
    Components: V, S, M,
    Casting Time: 1 action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Creature touched
    Duration: 1 minute/level
    Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
    Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

    You provide the subject with the powerful charging ability of the lion.
    When the subject charges, he can make a full attack in the same round.
    Material Component: A hair from a lion’s mane.

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    LOL !! can’t wait to see Kargin chasing around Nedok with a pair of clippers when we get home ! or a disgruntled and denuded Deathkitty ;p

    holy war, cloud ???

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