• DM

    Update: Game cancelled.

    I will be leaving home at about 5 am to drive to Quincy for a fiber install at a client. then have to drive home. I am really not sure if I can pull this off and still manage to get home in time to run the game let alone be coherent enough to run the game.

    Watch here for updates.

  • PC

    As much as I’d love to play I won’t lose sleep if we don’t. Holiday madness is in full swing for me after returning from some Vacation time. I’ll be there if we play, but won’t be mad if we don’t

  • DM

    Alright, going to say no game. I am still in Quincy. Looks like I will not be able to leave town until about 3pm. That will not get me home until 8pm or so.

  • DM

    Just got home. Sorry about the unexpected cancellation.