• PC

    I assume V’Ral and/or Obelisk has the ability to merge an item into an individual (i’m referring to a ordinary DM item, not a artifact, or ancient item). What does that cost, or is it a gem donation to the Obelisk? which is just a different form of cost… either way what does that kind of damage look like?

  • DM

    According to a not drunk @dwarf, item merging was a magicanical thing that Arg came up with. Not someth8ng the obelisk does.

    So the school of magic likely has something for this.

    I don’t have pricing developed.

    The basic answer is that there is a body slot matching each normal slot. But each one added is significantly more expensive and risky.

  • PC

    worked a lil’ differently for powerviners - since they had a motherboard, and thus more available “slots” 😉

    but yah - Arg got cranky because people would always ask him to mod and implant items for them, then rip it out later cuz they found something better - turned into a timesink, so he built a weird Ancient MultiGolem that shapeshifted to the form of whomever wanted it done - they’d equip the item(s) on the golem after banking the requisite $$$ and power points, then summon a nearby powermaster to oversee and unscrew the pooch if the burn-in went kablooey. the golem would envelop the target and rearrange its molecules to implant the items, merging them into a more magical being 🙂

    and since golems didn’t really mind standing around for eons, waiting to fulfill their function - it’s probably STILL doing its job even after Ethos burned the world…

    of course, you could always shortcut implanting an item with a few delicately worded Wishes, too…