Prestige Classes

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    I think we briefly discussed this but did we land on how taking a prestige class works in the Daerma world? Assuming a prestige class doesn’t multiclass in the same manner as your standard base classes. Since not all prestige classes are created equal.

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    As previously discussed during game, here is an example.

    Not sure if this qualifies as prestige or variant, but link to class below.

    The Maester variant requires:
    Skills: Craft (any) 8 ranks , Use Magic Device 4 ranks
    Race: Gnome. (There are ways around this, but yes i know i’m not a gnome - lets put that aside for a moment)
    Feats: Any two item creation feats.
    Spells: Arcane caster level 5th.

    But all Kargin really wants is Maester level , for the Quick Crafting ability.

    Minimum level 5 buy in, which is 10k, for a bonus feat, and quick crafting ability.

  • DM

    Yeah, I’m going to have to ponder things more on initial buy in cost.

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