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    Staff-Like Wand

    Your research has unlocked a new power in conjunction with using a wand.

    Prerequisite: You must be at least an 11th-level Wizard and must have the Craft Staff feat to select this discovery.

    Benefit: Similar to using a magic staff, you use your own Intelligence score and relevant feats to set the DC for saves against spells you cast from a wand, and you can use your caster level when activating the power of a wand if it’s higher than the caster level of the wand.

    [Source: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic]

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    [Source: Mercenaries; AEG]


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    Theurgic Creationist

    Type: General
    Source: Dragon #325

    You can create items using the knowledge gained from all of your spellcasting classes.

    Prerequisite: Any item creation feat, able to cast spells from two different spell lists.
    Benefit: When acquiring item creation feats or when creating magic items, you can add together the caster levels of all your spellcasting classes to determine your caster level. For example, a 1st-level bard/1st-level cleric/3rd-level wizard could gain Craft Wand and create magic items as a 5th-level caster.

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    Fuse with Item [Eldritch]

    Using your skill with magic, you absorb a magic item into your body, taking on its essence and powers.

    Prerequisite: Charisma 19, caster level 10th

    Benefit: You can absorb a magic item and make its powers inherent within you. You cannot fuse with magic weapons or armor, nor can you fuse with potions or scrolls. You can fuse with any other item. Activating or using an item that’s fused with you works the same as for a normal item. A fused wand of wall of ice allows you to cast wall of ice as a spell-like ability (using the item’s caster level) 50 times, or however many charges it had left at the time of the fusing. Bonus types do not change. A fused amulet of health +4 grants you a permanent enhancement bonus (not an inherent bonus) of +4.

    Fusing with an item first requires an XP cost equal to half the item’s gold-piece value. Then, you must make a Spellcraft check with DC 20 + the item’s caster level for each of the item’s separate abilities. Failure means that you cannot use that power. You may try only once per ability. Even if you are unable to use any of the powers of a fused item, the item is consumed, and the experience points lost.

    Once consumed, a fused item cannot be taken away from you. It does not need to be drawn or wielded, and it is not visible in any way. It takes up no space on your body, so if you have fused with an amulet you can wear another amulet with- out problems. Like all spell-like abilities, using the fused item requires no components and draws no attack of opportunity.

    Items that logically grant no benefit from being absorbed— mainly because their power comes from being independent of the user, such as a figurine of wondrous power or dust of tracelessness—cannot be fused.
    Mord’s disjunction removes the item from you, restoring it to its normal state.

    Intelligent Items: Fusing with an intelligent item forces you to make a Will save at the beginning of each day (DC 10 + item’s level + item’s Charisma bonus). If you succeed, you are in control for the day and can use the item’s abilities, skills, and feats (if applicable). If you fail, the item remains in control of you for the day and can use your abilities, skills, and feats. Items fused with a character cannot gain levels as described on page 63.

    [Reference: WW16105 The Complete Book of Eldritch Might.pdf]

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    Grow Spell

    Your spells can affect a greater area of number of targets.

    Benefit: A grown spell has its area or number of targets affected increased by one-half. Spells with a personal affect or that target only a single creature are not affected. A grown spell uses up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell’s actual level.

    [Reference: Quintessential Elf; Page 52]

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    High Magic (Metamagic)

    You have learned the secrets of elven High Magic.
    Prerequisites: Spellcaster level 9th
    Benefit: The character can suffer a temporary point of Constitution damage in place of one higher level slot to power spells cast with a metamagic feat. The lost Constitution points cannot be regained by any magical means; only rest will bring them back. See the full rules for elven High Magic in the Magic of the Elves chapter.
    Special: The character must have this feat in order to learn any of the High Magic abilities.

    [Reference: The Quintessential Elf; Page 52]

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    Massive Spell (Metamagic)

    You can make a spell affect an incredibly large area.
    Prerequisites: Enlarge Spell, Encompassing Spell, Grow Spell, High Magic
    Benefit: The character can increase a spell’s area to a mile. A massive spell uses up a spell slot six levels higher than the spell’s actual level. See the full rules for elven High Magic in the Magic of the Elves chapter.

    [Reference: The Quintessential Elf; Page 53]

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    @halfgiant said in Kargin - Metamagic Notes:

    [Reference: The Quintessential Elf; Page 53]

    Dwarves cannot use these.

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    Well shit, to bad there isn’t a crafter class that can bypass or emulate racial requirements

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    or an alchemist that has an elven loaner body nearby… ;p