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    Create Demiplane, Greater

    School conjuration (creation); Level cleric/oracle 9, sorcerer/wizard 9, witch 9; Subdomain solitude 9


    Casting Time 6 hours
    Components V, S, F (a forked metal rod worth at least 500 gp)


    Effect extradimensional demiplane, up to 20 10-ft. cubes/level (S)


    This spell functions as create demiplane, except the area is larger and you can add more features to the plane. You can use this spell to expand a demiplane you created with lesser create demiplane or create demiplane (you do not need to create an entirely new plane using this spell), in which case it has a duration of 1 day/level. Alternatively, when cast within your demiplane, you may add to your demiplane (or remove from it) one of the following features (or any of the features described in create demiplane) with each casting of the spell, in which case it has an instantaneous duration.

    Energy: Your plane gains the (minor) negative- or positive- dominant energy trait. A plane cannot have both the negative-dominant and positive-dominant energy traits.

    Magic: Your plane gains the dead magic, enhanced magic, impeded magic, or wild magic planar trait. If you selected dead magic, you are trapped within your plane unless it has a permanent planar portal (such as the portal feature, below). If you selected enhanced or impeded magic, choose one type of magic to be enhanced or impeded, such as “effects with the fire descriptor or that manipulate fire” or “death spells and spells from the Death or Repose domains.” A plane cannot be enhanced and impeded for the same kinds of spells.

    Morphic: You may use move earth at will in your demiplane at one-tenth of the spell’s normal casting time, and can reshape normal plants in the same manner (such as by twisting trees into a fence or humanlike shapes). You are even able to affect rock formations with this ability, though the casting time for this is only half normal.

    Portal: Your demiplane gains a permanent gate to one location on another plane, which can only be used for planar travel. This location must be very familiar to you. This gate is always open and usable from both sides, but you can secure it using normal means (such as by building a door around it).

    Time: By default, time passes at the normal rate in your demiplane. By selecting this feature, you may make your plane have the erratic time, flowing time (half or double normal time), or timeless trait (see Time).

    You can make this spell permanent with the permanency spell, at a cost of 22,500 gp. If you have cast create greater demiplane multiple times to enlarge the demiplane, each casting’s area requires its own permanency spell.

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    I’m keenly interested in this:

    Time: By default, time passes at the normal rate in your demiplane. By selecting this feature, you may make your plane have the erratic time, flowing time (half or double normal time), or timeless trait (see Time).

    Specifically the Flowing Time Trait below:

    The rate at which time passes can vary on different planes, though it remains constant within any particular plane. Time is always subjective for the viewer. The same subjectivity applies to various planes. Travelers may discover that they gain or lose time while moving between planes, but from their point of view, time always passes naturally.

    Normal Time
    Describes how time passes on the Material Plane. One hour on a plane with normal time equals 1 hour on the Material Plane. Unless otherwise noted in a plane’s description, assume it has the normal time trait.

    Erratic Time
    Some planes have time that slows down and speeds up, so an individual may lose or gain time as he moves between such planes and any others. To the denizens of such a plane, time flows naturally and the shift is unnoticed. The following is provided as an example.

    d% Time on Material Plane Time on Erratic Time Plane
    01–10 1 day 1 round
    11–40 1 day 1 hour
    41–60 1 day 1 day
    61–90 1 hour 1 day
    91–100 1 round 1 day

    Flowing Time
    On some planes, the flow of time is consistently faster or slower. One may travel to another plane, spend a year there, and then return to the Material Plane to find that only 6 seconds have elapsed. Everything on the plane returned to is only a few seconds older. But for that traveler and the items, spells, and effects working on him, that year away was entirely real. When designating how time works on planes with flowing time, put the Material Plane’s flow of time first, followed by the flow in the other plane.

    On planes with this trait, time still passes, but the effects of time are diminished. How the timeless trait affects certain activities or conditions such as hunger, thirst, aging, the effects of poison, and healing varies from plane to plane. The danger of a timeless plane is that once an individual leaves such a plane for one where time flows normally, conditions such as hunger and aging occur retroactively. If a plane is timeless with respect to magic, any spell cast with a noninstantaneous duration is permanent until dispelled.


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    What would we be looking at for cost if we had the obelisk built us a demiplane with the flowing time trait, so we can perform crafting and research functions while on the plane, minimizing the time lost on the material plane? Of course we would need the obelisk to make it permanent?

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    LOL - you’d probably get a withering glare and a snide “Ageless crystals aren’t interested in temporal mechanics to offset silly mortal lifespans. Build your own demiplane, Strahd - and keep it out of my city…”

    if you approached it differently, say - asking him to find you a good location where you build such a demiplane, that he’d help you with 😉

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    I’m good with all that, assuming we could find a decent location, more interested in what kind of gp value of gems we would have to feed the obelisk for his help in building such a thing. Most likely it is and will be cost prohibitive for somtime, but its always good to have goals.

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    ** The obelisk shows you a pan/zoom 3-dimensional map of the region surrounding V’ral, a blinking red dot showing below an unremarkable stretch of prairieland **

    "That is the ideal location for your launch platform. Create your demiplane around that spot - which is a small quad-chamber bubble in the bedrock 26.3 miles from here, approximately 4.7 miles below the surface. Inscribe a permanent runed protective circle in the floor of one chamber, which will serve both as ward and arrival location. You may enchant it however you see fit.

    Construct a triaxleated key consisting of a piece of Kargin bone, a key phrase and a unique or set of identical items - any 2 of which will function to unlock the true destination of 2 or more planar gateways, which you will install in one or more of the bubble chambers. Set the primary location of the unidirectional gateways to locations inimically hostile to biological organisms - such as beneath an active volcano, the airless vacuum outside this planets atmosphere, the surface of a sun or Dregnoth’s lab. Set the secondary location to your demiplane, keyed only to activate and redirect transport in the presence of 2 parts of your triaxelated key. Construct a simple locked and matched pair of continual light gems which only activate in the vicinity of each other. Leave one in your demiplane and install the other on your launch platform - which will serve as a simple indicator that the secondary redirection is working correctly."

    ** The obelisk’s color briefly shifts red as it scans the surrounding region **

    “As your spell is limited to shifting the temporal mechanics to merely half-speed, if you want to PUSH that you’ll need the essence and energy of creatures possessing chronomancy traits. There are currently no Time Elementals or Time Lords in my scanning radius. If you manage to entrap one, feeding it to your accursed alchemist might provide you with more of the essence than harvesting it alone - as you can then go after and murder all of the chronomatic dragons he’ll doubtlessly spawn thereafter.”

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