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    Snippet from Gem Magic thread:

    "PKArg requires an INT score of 20 plus the level of the spell you’re trying to compress, just to understand the math involved - along with one week of time per level of the uncompressed spell.

    In 2e it required 3 non-weapon proficiency slots, so its likely in the Epic Fcheat range now… Provided you pass the weekly ability checks, you finish up with an unscribable and hard to memorize magical formula that will allow you (or anyone who you successfully convey the formula to) to cast the compressed spell that decompresses on-the-fly as it reaches its target.*"

    Has the compression been used on enhancements? And what would be the 3.5/d20 equivalent in terms of skill ranks, and/or Feat to do something similar?

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    whatcha mean by “enhancements” ?? cuz’ nobody’s gonna PKArg your blue dragon weenie 😉