here is the link to the necromancy spell I mentioned

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    hey, here is the link to that life drain spell I mentioned last night (1/23).

    Life Drain and a slightly more powerful version Life Drain, Greater

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    well first, lets look at how you’d make something similar in 3e/d20… closest effect is (obviously) Vampiric Touch, a 3rd level mage spell that does 1d6 per 2 lvls of the caster (10d6 max) on a touch and returns that to the caster as bonus HP.

    making that into a RANGED attack would require either a spectral hand (2nd lvl mage spell) or the fcheat Reach Spell (complete divine, p84)… 2nd lvl spell or +2 metamagic mod, same diff. so now we’re at a 5th lvl spell to get a Ranged Vampiric Touch - at our current approx level of 16th (single class) it’d whack a mofo for 8d6, or an avg of 28 and channel that back to you.

    vs that 1st lvl spell that auto-hits them for 10d4, or an avg of 25 and channels that back to you. the 1st lvl spell allows a save for half, the ranged vamp touch instead requires a hit - which from what i understand is a wash powerwise, all spells being either or.

    so it boils down to : either the base spell needs to be generously bumped up to a lvl 2 spell (minimum) - which is still broken but not as badly, or it needs to be knocked down to 1d4 damage per 2 lvls and capped at 5d4 (5 dice max is the standard for 1st lvl spell effects, apparently).

    the greater spell at 4th lvl, i’m good with as is - even tho its 2x as powerful as the Vampiric Touch spell, because i’ve always felt the book vamp touch was kind of weak compared to the mighty fireball, lightning bolt and ice storm.

    that’s my 2 cents worth, anyhow 😉

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    Just WTF with this spell description…

    You fire a ray of tainted soulstuff that harms its target, draining it of 1d4 hit points per caster level (maximum 10d4). A successful Fortitude save halves this damage. This health is then returned to you and divided between you and any nearby creatures.

    WUT? Divided between nearby creatures? The fuck?

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    @DarkWulf I have no problem with you getting some kind of ranged spell like this. Just need to work it out better.

    Here is another spell example
    This one is 5th level, but has no save and no need to hit.

    I suggest you peruse this link:

    Or maybe this one that appears to be the site @halfgiant slurped down to make Naggaroth’s spell section.

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    this is the spells standard descriptions, not modified by me. Now I am considering some minor tweeks of them, such as the “divided between you” thing.

    I also saw the spell “Channeled Life-theft”, it was one of the spells that really caught my attention and also sparked my intrest in Onaga’s spell types (aka Negetive-energy and Acid energy). My only qualm with it is how to implement it into the system we are currently using.

    I have also, as of this evening, looked through some of the spells in the Libris Mortis - Book of Undead, and some of them caught my intrest.

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