Dwarf Edition: 10e Wands, staffs and rods

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    As you might guess, the 10e system also has different way of using magic items to go along with how spells work. In “standard” d&d worlds, wands have always been the go-to magic item for blasters, basically a mage in your pocket who’s a tad cranky and wants you off his tower’s lawn. The 10e system runs with that a little - reintroducing the idea of wands being guns for wizard-types and evoker-wannabees. In 2e, we modified the RSW category of items to run off power cubes, little jawbreaker sized energy reservoirs that function much like a magazine does for modern pistols. Each cube held 10 charges and any of the RSW class items could hold 2 cubes of the requisite type. In 10e, we’ve built on that idea - wands still hold 2, rods now hold 4 and staves up to 6 (much like a shotgun or rifle can hold larger and more ammo than typical handguns).

    In addition, you can fit metamagic lenses on the business end of wands (1), rods (2) and staves (4) - letting you put a little extra spin on the spell effects they produce. Harden the output, extend the range, make it HOLY or just empower the fuck outta it - whatever flavor you savor.
    On the back end holding the power cubes, you can fit metamagic power amplifiers (again, wands 1, rods 2 and staves 4) that’ll let you overcharge the initial power outlay and crank more amps into
    your favorite boomstick. Maxx-out the damage dice, throw in a twin to double-tap some fool or slot in a quicken and go full-auto on his ass 😉 Just don’t cry to us when you find out the recharge cost.

    Other game systems would have you burning the main power cubes to add metamagic efx, but our 10e lenses and boosters run off their OWN cubes - so no one-shot willies here ! Rumour has it that the Ancients have taken things several steps further and built PERMANENT lenses and amplifiers - and on at least three occurances, witnesses have reported things like Dancing Wands attacking on their own violition, backfiring rods that flambe anyone not knowing their command key, and a pair of staves flying around and circling the battlefield unleashing lightning on targets below. And don’t even get us started on what they’ve done with manafusion or voidcubes ! Wand of Endless Scorchers, anyone ? “Korben, KORBEN - i’m on fire, Korben !!”

    metamagic lenses - apply efx that alter the basic output of the spell, generally limited to a +0, +1 or +2 metamagic add per lens. Common lenses are Energy Substitution, Invisibler, various half-and-half mixers like Consecrate or Corrupt, elemental lenses like Blistering or Flash Frost and hardeners like Piercing or Searing.

    metamagic amplifiers - apply efx that increase the power flowing into the wand producing larger/more output, generally limited to +3 or +4. Common amplifiers are Chain and Widen to whoop a lil’ extra ass, Energy Admixture and Maximize to add insult to injury, Twin or Quicken to make your enemy cry and Ray Burst for the kamikaze wandslingers.