• PC

    So now the big multiverse wormhole has synced up, how hard or how big of a deal would it be to switch from Moradin to Dama? Kargin really only choose Moradin since he didn’t think any of the forge gods were in this verse. Not that he has anything against Moradin, but being a dwarf crafter Damar fits his character concept much better.

  • PC

    typically, as long as you’re not a specialty priest of a deity, they don’t really care if you switch to worshipping another god in the same pantheon. in Moradin’s case, since he’s the dwarven all-father and the creator of the dwarf race (in the Forgotten Realms anyhow), worshipping ANY of the dwarven pantheon also accrues worship to him indirectly.

    so it’d be mox/nix to him… most of the other good-aligned or neutral gods (of whatever pantheon) also typically don’t take umbrage for a priest worshipping another god when they leave the sphere - tho you do score bigtime brownie points for successfully expanding THEIR church into other spheres/universes and whatnot. 🙂

    which of course means that the high-priests of the 4-ish deities that came thru will get granted a big ole deific BOON they can use at some point in the future (which gets more impressive (obviously) as the god ascends and his church spreads).

    how cloud wants to play it, tho is completely up to him !!

  • DM

    Actually, I would say that you could have been worshipping Damar the entire time, but switched to Moradin for the last few years since the transference.

    That is more or less what I figured the other clerics would do as there were only the 4 that ascended to demigod status.

  • PC

    Damar it is, Thanks.