show Haine this, cloud :)

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    Yeah I thought about going with BoS, Maxson, the leader, in the BoS is such a damn wanker with all that Add Victoriam nonsense. He did let Dance live so I left BoS alone. I agree the Railroad had to go, and I took great pleasure in launching mini-nukes at them. I eventually just destroyed the Institute by siding with the minute men, after going thru all the settlement building, and the help defend us quests the minute men owed me big time.

    As far as the Children of the Atom goes in the glowing sea I think I may have lasted two minutes before I labeled them ‘Mormons’ and cleansed the glowing sea of that problem.

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    you can side with the minutemen PLUS one of the others, if ya want to - Preston really doesn’t give a shit which of the 3 masters you choose, just so long as its not Raiders (the 4th faction choice introduced in NukaWorld).

    if you’ve just arrived at Far Harbor, make sure you have Nick with ya when you visit Acadia… lil’ extra backstory there 😉

    i USUALLY side with the institute, just because i love the idea of an underground city filled with big-brain types building androids to save the world 🙂 plus its just soo damn pretty down there !

    think i’ve sided with the BoS a grand total of once in my dozen+ playthroughs. tho i DO always run their quests up until i get to run the minigun on the chopper - thats just hellaciously fun !!

    never quite understood WHY the railroad would want to destroy the institute tho… “We believe synths should be free !! Now lets go blow up where they come from !!”

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    @halfgiant I forgot about the Children of Atom … I heard about them , thought to my self "religious wack-a-doos " then laid waste to them with Holy cleansing fire … Where is your God now freaks !!

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    What companions did you go with? I decided after a while to do the lone wanderer thing vs having a companion. I read you can have the lone wanderer perk and you can still have Dogmeat but decided to leave him at the Rd Rocket settlement.

    Accidentally killed Far Harbour, I ran a script it shut down the power from the wind farm and it lowered the Far Harbour Defenses … seems like a shoddy system. I sure someone with all they’re talkity talk, words and more words … ohh so many words probably said something about not shutting off the power I probably missed that piece of info or ignored them and shot them.

    Ohh well, the dirty synths at Acadia is dead and now a BoS base, Far Harbour is dead, and soon I’m going to go get those miscreants worshiping Atom Children at the nuclear sub, and they will be dead to.

    BoS better watch themselves, I’m not going to tolerate any back talk from their leader!

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    if you’re going the murder-hobo route, Strong the Supermutant is a good choice for companions. the only other evil companion is the institute synth x6-88, but you’ve prolly blowed him up already… if you’ve finished the Mechanist quest, you can always build your own combat robot to tag along too ;p

    best way to take out the CoA in Far Harbor is to find the launch key for the sub. trigger the launch and run like hell before it goes kablooey.

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    I went with Piper, I figured you know the wife’s dead, shes not bad looking, she pretty much believes "fuck the system tell the truth " … all that being said though I usually go it alone cause I dont want any of my companions to get killed when I go on a RAMPAGE!!!

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    most companions are set to Essential, by default… so they just get disabled, not splattered 😉

    pipes is fun, but i think the one i like the most is Cait - dunno if its her accent, attitude, or how much she complains about me staring at her ass, but its kinda like running around with one of the old showme’s girls !

    Codsworth is also amusing as a battle-buddy… first time i heard him chase down and lose a target, then quote monty python, i lost it in a fit of laughter. my favorite companion QUESTS have to be maccready’s tho…

    hope they can rebound from the disaster of 76 and push fallout 5 out soon… tho we’re prolly due for a new elder scrolls first

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    True they dont get splattered but after they get a disabled and I got to bring them back I usually send them home and pretend like their dead … I Role Play the shit out of Fall Out

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    I read the reviews behind Fallout76 apparently they are really bad, did anyone try it?

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    nobody i know admits to playing it. the reviews crucified it, and most of the fallout fans decried it as betraying the #SavePlayer1 credo that bethesda FUCKING STARTED… even hiring Lynda Carter to promote it.

    after watching 76 faceplant again and again into brahmin shit (no human NPCs, purchasable loot boxes, storage and every goddamn thing else, and lets not forget Fallout 1st, the $100 annual extortion you have to pay if you want to use mods BUILT BY OTHER PLAYERS in your game).

    fuck pete hines and the mole rat he rode in on…

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    I did not play and I love Fall Out , I was not crazy about the whole way they set up the multiplayer and of course all the micro transactions they added in for what I like to call “Pay to Win”

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