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    Based upon our conversation at the last game, it was suggested to quest for the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords since Kargin needs a artifact to disassemble and reassemble as part of the Ancient Transformation process.

    If others in the party have a desire to do something else please speak up, we don’t have to quest for this artifact it was just what was thrown out there.

    2E Reference
    https://thetrove.net/Books/Dungeons & Dragons/AD&D 2nd Edition/Modules/Tomes - Axe of the Dwarvish Lords.pdf

    https://thetrove.net/Books/Dungeons & Dragons/AD&D 2nd Edition/Core/Book of Artifacts.pdf

    Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

    Axe of the Dwarvish Lords: Created by the god Moradin for Dwarven Kings, a +6 keen throwing returning Goblinoid and Giant bane Dwarven Waraxe. Any dwarf who holds it triples Dwarf positive reactions, doubles the range of his or her darkvision and Racial Stats: +4 Constitution and +4 Wisdom. Any nondwarf who grasps the Axe takes 4 points of temporary Charisma damage; these points cannot be healed or restored in any way while the Axe is held. The current owner of the Axe gains a +10 bonus on Craft (armorsmithing, blacksmithing, gemcutting, stonemasonry, and weaponsmithing) checks. The wielder of the Axe can summon an Elder Earth or Fire Elemental (as summon monster IX; duration 20 rounds) once per day. The following spells only work if the wielder is a Dwarf casting on Dwarfs: Mass Heal x2 per day, Mass Death Ward x2 per day, Mass Protection from Elements (Fire and Earth only) x2 per day, and True Resurrection once per week.

    DESTRUCTION: The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords rusts away to nothing if it is ever used by a Goblin King of Giants to behead a Dwarven King.

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    hardest part will be getting it BACK from kargin after he’s done diddling with it ;p