Epic/Ancient Magic Items

  • PC

    A few questions.

    Are Epic items in the same category as Ancient items?

    And if so does Ancient items follow the same Crafting processes that Epics do?

    Ancient Craft Feats or Epic Craft Feats translatable?

    If not what is the creation process for Ancient items?

  • DM

    @halfgiant not all ancient items are epic. Powerful? Certainly, but not always artifact.

    Epic by 3.5 standards likely. But yeah, no.

  • PC

    i believe it was talked about one night at the temple… with both me and cloud agreeing that taking the various Epic Item Creation fcheats would allow one to craft Ancient Items as well as by-the-book epic items…

  • PC

    Fair enough, i’ve been reading some of the Epic rules and so far they aren’t completely terrible. Before we go charging head long into a artifact quest i wanted to be sure the Crafting at Epic/Ancient levels was not going to arduous and/or painful - always being broke i can deal with.
    But if i have to quest to collect a boil off the ass of Orcus to make a item, that would have been useful 5 levels ago and by the time i can make it the items usefulness has passed … I will hard pass thank you very much. If that was the case i was probably going to shelf the Dwarves and play something else.

    Are we still playing with Shadow Exp even into Epic levels? I know that is something we established back in the Fallen Legion days. Just wanted to be sure that is how we will continue to roll into Epics.

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