just built a sweet-ass gamerbox...

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    ain’t gonna be used for gaming, but the guys wife is a photography aficionado, so the build is about the same ;p

    Ryzen 2700 8-core with 32 gb ddr4 ram, an 8-gig rx580 vid card with a terabyte ssd boot drive and a 4-tb data drive (both WD). loaded the latest 1903 win10 build (cuz why not) and goddamn is it fast !

    from the mobo logo blinking off, it boots to the desktop in under 10 seconds. and i didn’t even jump it to the NVME ssd’s for 5x faster throughput… (those are still a tad pricey). shuts down and lights off in 6 seconds. pretty amazing what a grand 'n some change will get ya nowadays !

    now i kinda want one to replace my older-than-cyberdirt Core2Quad bumping along on win7 with 8 gigs of ddr2 ;p guess its normal to think about replacing your VW bug after working on someone elses Lambo, tho !

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    @dwarf said in just built a sweet-ass gamerbox...:

    i didn’t even jump it to the NVME ssd’s for 5x faster throughput… (those are still a tad pricey).

    Not really.

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    i looked at that model (and a few others) - reviews say the cheapass models (like this one) would run HOT, which is why the higher-end ones have built-on heatsinks.

    don’t get me wrong, i LOVE that price-point - just think i’ll wait a bit until its available from a few more vendors and the cooler tech stabilizes at or around that cost 😉

    (( be different if it were for me, but this is going into a customers residence - so i opt for stability ))

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    Time for celebration! Microsuck has finally removed its head from its ass after four decades, and has finally gotten a clue, their new CEO Satya Nadella, may be able to fix this abomination of an OS.


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    its OKAY, bob… you can stop pretending now and admit your undying love for all things Windows ;p kick that crapintosh garbage to the curb and return to efficient and user-friendly GUIworld with the rest of us.

    yes, yes - i know you’ll miss your morning frappuchino with the hipster crowd, and the My Little Pony cosplay you’ve been trying to perfect - but Yago can finish it without you…

    i’m just glad you finally swallowed the red pill…

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    GUI’s like Integrated Development Environments (IDE)s for programmers is a sign of weakness. I will forever stand by my unix terminal window, and my VI editor! I do enjoy a morning frappuchino, but i do not like the hipster crowd (they stink…take a shower you environment saving hippies!)

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    sounds like my broad-based taunting only winged him ;p ah well… enuff for a friday laugh, i suppose !
    (( honestly don’t know what a frappuchino even is - just threw it out there cuz it sounded like something a hipster would know… ))

    bwahahaha !!

  • @halfgiant Woah woah woah now. Have you tried VSCode? It’s my goto for everything across all OSes nowadays. I don’t think I’ve launched a full blown IDE in a couple months, at least. Sorry but built-in intellisense, linting, testing, etc. is just to nice of a crutch for me to go full VI.

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