Dwarf is trying to get me drunk

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  • DM

    We’ve been watching the sights.


    And I swear we watched a woman walk into #3 and never come out. #damnitdregnoth

  • PC

    no, WE didn’t watch anybody go in… YOU did… told me to watch for a pretty girl come out of #3 and that never happened.

    what’s ODD is that (cloud swears) a girl dressed in dark clothing and shoes went in and engaged the lock. after 20-30 minutes of listening to my music library and pounding sake, we never saw anyone emerge.

    cloud, feeling all 10-foot-tall-and-bulletproof stormed the local jaycees to summon aid for the phantom woman. the jaycees managed to unlock the door only to have it slammed back to LOCKED… so brave Sir Robin approached the door, got within a full 3 feet and bravely ran away back to my alchemically-warded door (thank you Kargin).

    meanwhile, the jaycees opted to summon the local constabulary for assistance. after knocking and waiting for a further 20 minutes, opted to flashlight and force the door - finding the mysterious dark-garbed person had apparenly vanished from within the locked portable commode.

    this seemed to confuse all concerned, save for our illustrious author - who postulated the options as being either a) excremental kidnapping, b) a slightly skewed and difficult transition to the Ministry of Magic or c) Dregnoth shopping for unwilling science experiments

    that said, both the illustrious author and sake-blasted cloud dutifully observed said commode (from the safety of a mad tinkers shop) all evening and didn’t witness any further kidnappings.

    be sure to alert your local Obelisk if you find a distressed and dark-clothed young woman screeching and running amok in the streets of V’ral come wednesday 🙂 further details as they become known…

  • PC

    Hey when a child of Ayla needs to go thru a evolution cycle, it takes a bit of time. Be patient, she will get to you.

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