Spell Encryption

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    DM Edit: This was forked from the Mana Welder thread.

    Can the obelisk train someone in the method of spell and item blueprint encryption and decryption? If so what level of bribe would that take for him? Not specifically targetted at the manawelder, but at future item projects Kargin happens to be working on.

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    ** The newly minted Prime somehow gives off the aura of grinning down at you **

    “When you become an Ancient, I am empowered to GIVE you that information freely. Your task, however, is to find a sufficient mathemagical CPU that can handle the load required. The LEAST level of Malathons encryption would take something along the lines of a illithid Elder Brain kidnapped from the astral plane. You’ll probably need to kill it, then immediately REDUCE the remains - crystallize it at that point and then psionically COMPACT and HARDEN it, then embed the resulting gemstone in an enchanted headband, helmet or crown.”

    Intuiting your next question, he offers “Tho it’d be the lowest level of encryption, it’d still be sufficient to prevent well over 99% of the casters or crafters on this world from figuring out your decryption keys - unless they’ve got a few quadrillion brain cells laying around to crunch numbers for decades to come.”

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    /slaps head and curses, looks up at the obelisk and says " So you want me to kill this illithid elder brain, reduce the remains, crystallize it, and psionically compact and harden it. Taking the elder brain gem and embedding it into my helmet. And I am to somehow do all of this before Dregnoth mates with the elder brain. We all know he will, obelisk!

    Wondering off toward the bar, Kargin mumbles “By Damar’s Hanging Hammer how am i going to pull that off”

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    ** The Obelisk whispers **

    “Illithids don’t mate… as i’m sure Dregnoth could tell you. They drop eggs into the elder brains pool which become tadpoles - the ones that survive are implanted in humanoids. Then they eat its brain and convert the physical shell to an illithid. Here, let me play you a video of what’s occurring in Baldur’s Gate back home…”

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    I can’t argue with any of that, but knowing the Avatar of Love, he will find a way.

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    ** It smirks knowingly **

    “Dregs would be far more likely to try and rewire the illithid egg spawning process to produce beholder tadpoles or build his own pool to hatch new HATS out of…”

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