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    gonna get a stack for the office, G ?? plug 'em into coworkers computers and see how much chaos you can sow ? ;p


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    Starts to comment…thinks for a minute. Argues with self, decides brevity is his best option.

    Simply would not work…and I will leave it at that.

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    LOL… fair enuff, tho i gotta give the builder guy his props. can’t be easy to embed enough tiny-ass circuitry into the usb plug to turn it into a wifi receiver AND send remote payloads.

    stop thinking defensively, brother-G… think about how to weaponize it instead 🙂 how many jihadi do you think we could backdoor by shrinking his idea down to smart-dust form and implanting them globally into cellphone cables ? 😉

    might even snag some of Killary’s goings-on…

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    taps fingers on desk…grumble grumble grumble…nevermind.

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    ** Flashing eldritch firelight distracts Dregnoth from his tinkering. Casting his gaze about, it alights on a weird looking giant eyeball held aloft by purplish tentacles - which are now limned with said firelight**

    “Yes, oh Forsaken one ?” he asks cautiously.

    “Dregs, be a dear and tell your hostbrain to QUIT POKING MY HOSTBRAIN ! I’ve already finished implanting tendrils in Magnesti Lightningwire - and i’m nearly done subsuming the Abyssal SATAn connectors too. Nobody’s the wiser about our Illithid Elder Brain growing deep in the bowels of the AMAZON, nor the cluster of 'em in our main host facility on the moon and we want to KEEP it that way !!”

    The dwarven alchemist sticks out his bottom lip. “As you command, milady !”

    “Oh, before i go - have you seen Sorvani ? Only his mini-me is in V’ral and i need more… samples than it can provide.”

    Dregnoth grins. “Yeah, he’s been spending most of his time on the Manaethereal Plane - building a secret lab he thinks the rest of us don’t know about. Its somewhere along the boundary by the Para-elemental Plane of Ice, according to the living carpet i implanted in his tower here.”

    A telekinesis beam reaches out from the eyeball to caress the bald dome of the dwarf. “You’re a good little minion ! Oops, gotta run - there’s something called a Secretary of the Interior i need to take a peek inside of. Name like that, he oughta have some interesting organs - don’cha think ? TA !”

    Chuckling to himself, the mad dwarf goes back to working on his own demented projects…