x2, x3, x4, x5 weapons - from long ago

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    So going back long long ago, there was the concept of x2, x3, x4, x5 weapons, if i’m remembering correctly they had a quirk about them in that they couldn’t’ be enchanted? (not sure if thats right, it was something like that). Dwarf do you remember any of this, i even think Damar had a x2 longsword at one time or another.

    Were did the idea come about, did you jot down the mechanic anywhere?

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    you’re correct - they couldn’t be enchanted… that was the equalizer factor kicking in 🙂 a +3 longsword was a decent add to the average 10th lvl fighter or thief… but a x3 longsword was a more precious find for those with backstab multipliers or extra attacks.

    Prowler is prolly the most famous user of x5 longswords 😉 back in those days, multipliers didn’t add, they stacked - so her x5 backstab with an x5 sword coupled with her fighter strength and multiple attacks caused her to regularly hand out damage in the thousands range.

    for historical reference, i had wanted to add something like the wicked looking barbed, serrated blades you see illustrated so often in fantasy and/or anime artwork. in practicality, such things would never work because the little hooks and pokey bits would get snagged on bone and muscle or get snapped off. s’why all the X class weapons had to be crafted from Admantium or harder materials 🙂

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    @dwarf so x5 then x5 again? Yeah, not happening.

    But with the Xd6 sneaky damage today, the x5would probably something… contemplations.

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    Did prices ever get put to them? They were probably so rare usually they weren’t bought or sold. Just wondering if you had attached a gp value to them.

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    the pricetag was easy - take the cost of the weapons weight in admantium (or whatever harder material you elected to use) and multiply it by the X of the weapon. so a longsword (4 lbs according to the PH) @ 6k per pound of worked admantium times the X of the weapon = 24k per X… 48k for an x2, 72k for an x3, 96k for an x4 and 120k for an x5 longsword.

    Prowlers were given to her by her best bud Marchella, forged from meteoric admantium (aka stellar admantium) and all but unbreakable, to the tune of 600k apiece. she later embedded a shard of voidcrystal in them, ensuring that even the gods and whatnot feared her appearance ;p

    (and her very few friends EVER so glad they’d never crossed the Unseen One)

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    Yeah, the ole PowerMaster knows there has been more than one offer waved in front of Prowler to take out Daren, Thankfully its not widely well known Prowler and the Powermaster go a ways back, as well as Marchella. The Powermaster had once worked out a way to pierce the Prowler cloak, but decided to abandon it as some things are better left alone.

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    SEVERAL, aye - including a still-open 1,000,000 GP bounty offered for “Proof of his permanent demise” from the Church of Boccob. they had to reword and rework the terms six or seven times when agents of the Church of Roland came to collect lower bounties offered for Daren’s heart, then head, then body, then soul - all of which were gleefully provided to the rolandites BY daren in exchange for a cut of the profits ;p

    “Ayla already has a dozen bits and pieces of me - what the fuck can Buttcobb do thats scarier than her ?” i believe was his amused response, walking away with a cool 750k of their gold in his pocket…

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    They went up to X8 Dinny the Mole had X6 Claws that he got the money from Yago then almost immediately was blown into a secondary vortex thing a majigger … Not nearly as bad as having your soul destroyed ( Looking at Yago again) but he at least it cost him nearly 90K

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