Caster Level Increase [Notes from the Artificer]

  • PC

    • Item: The Ring of Enduring Arcana (CM) gives a +4 CL for resisting to dispel only.

    • Item: The Orange Prism Ioun Stone gives a +1 CL

    • Item: The Prayer Bead of Karma gives a +4 CL

    • Item: The MIC has an Ankh that makes me spend spell slots to get a +4 CL on the next spell

    • Item: SpC has a magic tattoo that gives another +1 CL

    • Feat: Practiced Spell Caster +4 CL

    • Spell: Hymn of Praise; +2 Caster Level

    • Item: Ring of Arcane Might; +1 bonus to arcane caster level

    Appears to be several ways to do this with prestige classes, and several more CL raising techniques if you want to get specific to a spell school, or a specific thesis spell itself.

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