Spell: Duo-Dimensional Weapon

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    Duo-Dimensional Weapon

    Level : Psion 4 / PsyWar 4
    Display : Vi
    Manifestation Time : 1 action
    Range : Personal
    Target : One of your held weapons
    Duration : 2 rounds/level
    Power points : 7

    Your weapon’s edge becomes two-dimensional, making it infinitely razor-sharp. Almost any hand-held weapon can be altered with this power, even bludgeoning weapons such as hammers or maces. Only jointed, chain, or rope weapons (such as whips, flails, or nunchuks) cannot be made into dimensional blades. However, bludgeoning weapons will do slashing or piercing damage (damage dice as normal). In addition, the critical threat range is increased to 17-20; however the damage multiplier remains that of the weapon.
    This power’s effect can be used to breach stoneskin spells and Kinetic Barriers. While this power is in effect, the psionicist’s weapon ignores any armor worn by the victim - only Dexterity and magical protection applies. In the case of monsters, the DM must decide if the creature’s Armor Class is due to thick, armor-like hide or natural quickness.
    The dimension blade can also be used to cleanly sever inanimate objects, such as an opponent’s weapon, a stone pillar, or the axle of a wagon. Any object struck by a dimension blade must make a fortitude saving throw or be sliced in half.

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