Spell: Kinetic Barrier

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    Kinetic Barrier

    Level : Psion 6 / PsyWar 6
    Display : Vi
    Manifestation Time : 1 action
    Range : Personal
    Target : You
    Duration : 2 rounds/level
    Power points : 11

    This is the power of absorbing, storing and redirecting kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion - the energy contained in the swing of a sword, the fall of a rock, moving water or air, an animal running, or any number of other forms. The psionicist can remove kinetic energy from any object by touch, stopping it instantly, and bestow it on another object immediately or at some point in the future.

    While a psionicist has this power active, he is immune to all physical impacts. A sword slash stops instantly when it touches his skin, arrows drop harmlessly at his feet, and monster’ talons and fangs can’t harm him. The psionicist absorbs the damage of the blow and saves it for later use. Note that the psionicist can still be harmed by attacks that inflict their damage by contact, such as the energy-draining touch of a vampire or the slow crushing attack of a giant python.

    Using the stored energy requires the psionicist to make a physical attack. He can deliver any damage he has absorbed previously by touch, punches, or even through a hand-held weapon such as a sword. If he hits his opponent, the absorbed damage is added to any other damage the psion causes.

    If the psion fails to discharge this energy before the barrier collapses naturally (or if you lose consciousness or mental control of the barrier) you take twice the damage stored in the kinetic barrier as your body internalizes the energy.

    This power cannot be used to absorb damage from a fall.

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