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    Matter Deceleration

    Level : Psion 1
    Display : Au, Ma
    Manifestation Time : 1 action
    Range : Close (25 ft + 5 ft / 2 lvls)
    Area : 2 sq. ft of surface area of an object or creature
    Duration : Concentration, up to 2 rnds / lvl
    Saving throw : none
    Power Resistance : Yes
    Power points : 1

    Matter Deceleration is the opposite of Matter Agitation. Instead of increasing the energy of the target’s molecules to raise its internal heat, molecular motion is suppressed to lower the object’s heat. Objects may freeze, become brittle, crumble, shatter, or explode from extreme drops in temperature. The list below shows some of the possibilities, depending on how long the power is maintained :
    One Round: Embers and coals are extinguished. Metal becomes cold to the touch. Skin becomes clammy. Water condenses on object.
    Two Rounds: Small fires are reduced to cold embers. Bone and chitin become brittle. Skin becomes frostbitten (1d3 points of damage). Liquids freeze.
    Three Rounds: Large fires reduced to embers. Metal and wood become brittle. Flesh freezes (1d8 points of damage). Damage does not increase after this round, but does continue at the rate of 1d8 per round.
    Four Rounds: Stone and obsidian become brittle
    Most items are not automatically destroyed by being frozen and then thawing out, but they may become more susceptible to breakage. Armor and weapons that become brittle due to cryokinesis must make saving throws versus crushing blows each time they deliver or receive blows in combat. (Thri-kreen who are struck while their chitin is brittle suffer double damage from any physical blow.)

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