Spell: Momentum Theft

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    Momentum Theft

    Level : Psion 3 / PsyWar 3
    Display : Vi
    Manifestation Time : 1 action
    Range : Close (60 ft + 10 ft / lvl)
    Area : one creature or object
    Duration : Instantaneous
    Saving throw : none
    Power Resistance : Yes
    Power points : 5+

    This power allows a psionicist to drain a target of its momentum, causing it to stop moving. The stolen momentum is dissipated harmlessly in the ground at the psionicist’s feet. Arrows, catapult missiles, and even flying creatures can be halted in mid-air and begin to fall. (Winged creatures can usually break their fall after a drop of 10 to 20 feet, however.) Creatures walking or fighting are temporarily thrown of-balance and must make a Dexterity check to avoid stumbling and losing their action for the round. A running or charging creature must make a Dexterity check with a -4 penalty or take a running tumble for 1d4 points of damage and be stunned for 1-2 rounds.
    If this power is used on a falling character, it stops him instantly and he begins to fall again. However, since his speed was reduced to 0, falling damage is only counted for the distance he fell after his momentum was neutralized.
    It is hard to remove the momentum of heavy and fast-moving objects. The larger and faster an item, the more power points it costs to arrest its movement. It requires 5 power points to stop a man-sized creature (200 pounds) with a movement rate of 30. Each doubling of speed or weight costs an additional 5 power points, so it costs 25 power points to stop a charging half-giant in his tracks.

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