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    A lifetime ago, Dwarf introduced in the Mess a magical necklace that allowed for you to interface to magical enchantments (one direction) to do some interesting things. As time marched on the Powermaster had decided to True Wish (maybe it was a 2x Greater Wish details are fuzzy) the necklace into a bi-directional necklace. Thinking back on that, while it worked it may have been a tad excessive. Anyway, pushing forward to present Manaverse time.

    What was the name of those necklaces Dwarf? I knew at one point you had figured out the cost of a one-direction necklace and a bi-directional necklace?

    Still have those notes floating around?

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    i’m thinking that pre-dated the mess… which means it was from before we broke Time ;p

    looking at an OOOOLD copy of Daren, it was listed as a Bi-directional Power Necklace, and if memory serves it was what allowed him (originally) to touch and absorb active spell effects from people, areas or items (mainly to refill his manapool)… the bi-directional one upgraded his ability to absorb and rechannel incoming spell attacks back at the caster or elsewhere - which eventually got him (via mobo upgrades) to be able to catch a spell, run it thru his internal circuitry and magnify it and then blast it back out.

    i THINK they were so uber-rare that questing was the only way to find one… like most of the powermaster core items (i.e. the 500k ballpark for the ‘standard’ one and likely up to twice that for the bi-directional version). 'bout the usual for arch-being level gear ;p

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    I do remember them being uber rare, i only think Daren in his entire adventuring career only found one. So that aligns with the questing desire.

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