Magic Items question

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    All right yous guys , I remember there was a magical thing/item that looked to have a maiden frozen in a big block of ice I cant remember its name … not even sure it actually exists perhaps I I made it up in some drug fueled dream or its a true case of Mandela effect … But I remember it was in one of the Wizard books… I think

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    smaug’s been watching Frozen too much ;p

    ya sure you’re not thinking of the 4th batman movie w/ Mr Freeze ?

    (my backbrain seems to think a TSR somethin’ or other had a girl-in-ice idea for like a ship masthead, but there’s a lotta beer tween here 'n there)

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    I remember talking to Grimm about it years ago when he was buying the Wizards and Cleric compendiums and the such … but shit we are talking nearly 20 years ago

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