• PC

    So what is the defining 2019 moment for the manaverse?

    Here a few to get started:

    • The natural 20 rolled by Dregnoth for mating rights with the Mother Beholder

    • That time a door insulted Dregnoth so he decided to blow up a Mountain of 25k year old Manacite to teach that door a lesson.

    • Rorek accuses Dregnoth of breaking Gravity

    • We can also throw in a few drunk Dwarf rants about Vinnie as well, some of those were entertaining.

    • Or the Eleminster imitations by the Dwarf.

    • Sorvani blames Kargin for Dregnoth (Classic!)

    • Ceaser summons his fellow Slaad’s to fall down a Dragon Tunnel to set off the Traps.

    • The Manaverse Prime syncs with the Forgotten Mess Prime bridging the two gaming worlds if only briefly.

    I think the most drunk during a game award definitely goes to Dwarf at 3 full bottles of Sake.

    Any others?

  • PC

    3 liters, outta 2 bottles o’ sake 🙂 i t’ink 3 bottles would prolly put me in the hospital…

    but yeah, becoming a Baby Daddy to the mother beholder was my most epic moment of 2019. don’t think i critted so much as cloud FUMBLED the counter roll, so my meagre roll of 15 plus mad seduction skillz got me in her egg chamber ;p

    getting the deities to roll back time was up there too. so was you dropping a fucking a-bomb on the rakshasha lich. he’s prolly grown a whole finger back by now ! he’s gonna be REALLY cranky when he gets back and finds his secret manacite stash vanished…

  • PC

    “got me in her egg chamber” This may be a runner for 2020 as an awesome terminology for dirty dungeon sex LOL