If it pleases His Lord High Majesty of Dwarfs and Demi god of Alchemist

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    So recently I read about an ant that when the colony is attacked some of the worker ants will literally EXPLODE their heads covering their enemy’s in a stick corrosive glue … being from the EVER CHANGING PLANES OF CHAOS, CHAOs, CHAos, CHaos ( thats an echo effect ) I was thinking that a breed of Umber hulk like this would be a most interesting creature. Any how here is some information on “Colobopsis saundersi”


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    looked it up, watched some video… sadly, they do not explode 😞 more like leak sticky acidic goo all over what they’re biting before dying.

    now something like a Bombardier Beetle Hulk however… 😉 be kinda cool, give him sparking antennae, a crazed laugh and biochemical pouches/blisters on its sides that produce a binary explosive mix (ala Die Hard 3). puke it out, roll it into a ball and throw it at people…

    bullet ants would make good hulks too… buncha gangsta bugs carrying around custom built black-powder boomsticks that they load with their own chemical byproducts ;p

    always lotsa fun mixing with the insect kingdom !

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    well I mean the real ones may not explode but a good Alchemist could surly change that 😉

    I do like the idea of a thrown explosive … but a suicide explosive would be amazing …or you know mixed with some troll DNA ( a little starfish thrown in for good measure ) could be a son of a bitch to fight …

    Of course Honey pot ants (which are edible) could be changed to make a massive BOOM!!! ! HoneypotAnt_ John Cancalosi _ Alamy Stock Photo.jpg

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    The Forsakeness has a whole series on exploding minions. Shredding or infecting enemies with bone shards depending on your perspective with a infectious mutagen

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    giant mutant wasps could make a much creepier take on The Walking Dead… #whatwouldBOOMSTICKdo


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    @dwarf You know funny enough I do believe the Disney company may be the reason those wasps take over the world.
    When Shari and I went there on our honeymoon we took a tour of their living world building , they grow a lot of the food they serve at Disney World , but they also breed sting less wasps and what not as pest control , now knowing the Disney company how long do you think it will be before they breed a wasp that when stings mind controls folks into returning to the hive …the Hive … DISNEY WORLD !!! or land depending on what side of the Rocky mountains you are on.

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