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    So i believe at the start of the 11-Jan 2020 game ( remember the one were we wrestled with the Black Dragon, and was swimming thru acid). Cloud had started the game off discussing downtime, and was interested in everyones inputs as to the direction we wanted to take the party. So i started this thread for people to chew on some concepts.

    (still don’t have a good party name - reusing Fallen Legion just isn’t the same)

    Currently we have begun exploring the second continent and the islands looking for different Dwarven Mountains.

    • We could begin to survey Necropolis’s for a powerful necromancy (or Draconic, or maybe both) relic, that needs to be liberated from a powerful Laputan Archmage seeking to achieve Lichdom. Or some variant of that. This may be of interest to V’ral as his rise to Lichdom may threaten trade with the local area, and hit the Rolandites were it hurts! The Wallet!

    • Smash and Grab job for Sorvani to fetch one of the Spheres of Magic, that all Powermasters revere. Could make this an alignment quandary although with Dregnoth in the party … there may not be much of a quandary

    • Heard rumors from a local Gnome that he recently was able to trade from a carvan that came to V’Ral a material called ignicite (not sure that is spelled right), but he could only get a small quantity of it because there is a small band of Inferno Elves that are mining it, and protecting its source. Origins of the Elves could be Dark Sun driven, or a Forsaken off shoot.

    • A Dwarven Mountain by the name of Thimarum is currently under siege by Kin Obould of the Many Arrows Tribe, the Dwarves have need of resourceful adventurers to retrieve magical technology to enhance their Mountain Rune Cannons so they can repel their enemies before breaching the mountain. Part II could be if successful the party is hired by the King to hunt down the remainder of the tribe, only for the party to learn there is a nefarious Laputan plot a foot.

    • Or we could take a right turn, and Sorvani deploys the part as a strike team, to explore the fire in the sky that looked like it went down in a remote glacier portion of the sphere. (scry attempts fail), as the party learns of the crash they discover it was a mind flayer ship that had crashed from a spelljamming fight that occured outside the sphere, upon closer inspection of the ship many of the crew (mind flayers) are missing and must have survived. As the party tracks down the mind flayers they learn this ship had business on this planet. That business could be with another Mind Flayer City, Stronghold, village, etc… or to do business with the Dark Daughters, Dregnoth, a number of directions we could take this.

    ** there is 5, open to other ideas, by no means do we have to do these.

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    I would like to start going after the Laputan… because honestly apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Laputan ever done for us?

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    I agree with the Frog they are nothing but lazy capitalistic colonialists, trying to inflict their beliefs on us. What a bunch of wankers!