• PC

    Fivefold Breath of Tiamat

    Minimum Level: 15th

    As a full-round action, you create five different breath weapons simultaneously: a cone of acid, a cone of cold, a cone of fire, a line of acid, and a line of electricity. Each breath weapon deals damage equal to your normal breath weapon damage, and each one allows a Reflex save to halve the damage dealt.

    When you use this breath effect, you also take a number of points of damage equal to twice your class level, which can’t be lessened by damage reduction or any similar benefit. A non-evil dragonfire adept instead takes damage equal to four times her class level. In addition, you can’t use any breath weapon in the round following the one in which you apply this breath effect.

    You must have a non-good alignment to learn or use this invocation.

    Does the “Deals damage equal to normal breath weapon damage” mean it does 8d6x5damage (current) or that it does 48x5 damage (max for current).

    Also it apparently requires an enemy to make 5 different reflex saves, one for each type.

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