Scientific talk on dwarven beards

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    So I found this on dwarven beards and thought it to be rather interesting , mind you it does not get into the Athasian dwarf but since they are primarily a non mining dwarf it makes sense that they would not need a beard


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    oddly, i’ve never put much thought into the whys and wherefores of dwarven facial hair… guess i’ve been too busy examining the wonderous powers of the mighty dwarven liver 😉

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    @dwarf The Beard may act as a secondary liver of sorts allowing the alcohol to separate and be stored in the hairs , which would make sense on the ability to keep dwarfs clean , high alcohol content does kill a lot of germs and viruses… and if Im not mistaken when you turned 30 and shaved your beard (dont ever do that shit again) Im pretty sure you got fucking rocked by allergies worse than usual.

    Smoug the Science Orc has more science to work out

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