For Immeral, this may add some ommph to your attacks.

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    Fanged Ring

    This item is useful to any character who frequently finds herself unarmed, though monks and similar martial artists prize it most highly.

    Description: Protruding 3 inches above its setting, this gray fang dragon scale is set in a heavy gold band. The ring appears cumbersome but does not interfere with any actions.

    Activation: A fanged ring functions continuously while worn. Anyone donning the ring receives mental instructions in Draconic on the effects of the item and how to activate it.

    Effect: A fanged ring grants its wearer the Improved Unarmed Strike feat and the Improved Natural Attack (unarmed strike) feat. If the wearer deals a critical hit with an unarmed strike, he also deals 1 point of Constitution damage to the creature struck.

    Aura/Caster Level: Strong transmutation; CL 12th. Construction: Forge Ring, divine power, poison. 5.000 gp, 400 XP, 10 days. Weight: —. Price: 10,000 gp.

    Item is listed in Dragon Magic (pg101)

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