For Kargin, about Immeral

  • PC

    I have been thinking about some ways to help Immeral outside of a full class overhaul. He has like 1.3 mil in gold to use since he has not been spending anything.

    Would it be possible to make for him something like a Monk specific version of the Vest of the Archmagi,
    to give him the bonus to AC, saving throws and maybe allowing him to double (or triple) the value of
    self-healing for his Wholeness of Body class feat.

    A bracer or bracelet of Force shield (see Ring of Force Shield).

    And for weapons:
    Keen Knuckles of Enervation (See Enervation spell).
    the enervation effect could work on critical hits and cause d2, d3 or d4 negative levels to the target. Thus making his attacks potentially alot more dangerous to enemies then they currently are.

    and also a Nunchuku of the Vampire, allowing hit to gain temporary hitpoints with each attack, thus giving him that buffer of temp HP to make him a little less squishy…

    I am asking for on his behalf cause he said he would forget what it was he wanted to describe.

  • DM

    @DarkWulf part of that problem is items are specific to a build and he is rewriting his character to the new monk stuff we are working on.

  • PC

    Was trying to help him, that’s all.

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