May 13th game

  • DM

    Hey all. I’m sorry I ended up having to cancel.

    For the last few months Motoko has been having random abdominal pain.

    An x-ray last month was inconclusive, doctor told her to take a laxative to empty things out.

    Sunday she woke up in so much pain she never got out of bed all day.

    Doctor visit on Monday but there was no availability for tests. Ultrasound was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

    Been taking enough Pamprin/Midol to get through the day, but she’s been real out of it.
    Ultrasound ran late and they also shoved a camera up Dregnoth’s main entrance.

    Just didn’t feel like running the game after taking care of her and the kids the last few days.

  • PC

    Its all good man , family first …

    if the pain is on the right side, sounds a lot like when my Gall Bladder was crapping out on me …

    Im no Witch doctor Orc though , but I do play one on TV

  • DM

    Heard back from the doctor this morning and it appears to be endometriosis.

    Next up is an appointment with an OBGYN that speaks Japanese.

  • PC

    No problem dude, wish you all best of luck on that.
    Hope she gets better.

  • PC


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