Gorlen Blackhammer – Journal Entry #367, in the Year of -647

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    Gorlen Blackhammer – Journal Entry #367, in the Year of -647

    At some point in the near future, or relative past depending on the perspective of the being relative to space and time, but shortly after the second great sync between the mana verse and the forgotten mess. A few new beings crossed the event horizon into V’Ral today, the first an Ogre named Erok, who was returning home at last and with him a Silver Power Beholder named Sazerak. As some folks depart the Manaverse, new beings continue to flow into V’Ral all of different races, and types. A familiar face appeared today, someone who I have not seen in a while, it was Flint a Paladin of Roland looking fit, but a bit seasoned in years, I will look forward to having a beer with him later, but before I do I need to make a note to follow up and find out why the Triple K caravan has been late on my delivery to the shop. As the hour dwindles on, within the last 10 minutes before the portal closes, a Draconic Sorcerer steps thru, he was an interesting being in all of Gorlen’s years he doesn’t recall ever seeing a Half Magnesti and a Half Blue Dragon. He will make for an interesting person to track, need to remind myself to put a beacon on him to see what he is getting up to. The Dragon Sorcerer introduces himself to the V’Ral welcome party as Valor Magnetismus.

    For this entry we will be discussing the early events of Valor arriving in V’Ral, the other three we will get to in good time. Upon Valor’s arrival like most weary adventurers find accommodations at the nearby in inn, the closest was the Drunken Ogre, but it was sold out for the night, so Valor made his way, two streets over, to find an inn named the Sword & Stag. Valor negotiates his stay paying for two weeks in advance, during this time little is known as to what Valor did with him time in the city, for the most part he would stay in the inn, eating and sleeping within the inn, with daily trips to the library which is where Gorlen met him for the first time. During this time, he had initially researched the materials we had on the geography of this new world, but then quickly shifted his research to the current materials on manacite, and some old dwarven text’s mentioning veins of a rare element called Neodymium. He seemed as though he was clearly a Magnesti Dragon on a mission looking to put the pieces of a puzzle together that had now gotten Gorlen’s interest.

    Toward the end of the second week, Valor had shifted the remainder of his research focusing on a region called Mayher Valley which lies in the far Northern part of the Erithar Kingdom, in a Magocracy Kingdom that is ruled by a rather powerful Arch Mage that goes by the name of Athelstan. Athelstan is likely not his real name, as the Arch Mage is actually a Spellweaver that has subjugated a kingdom making the magic wielders the upper class, the craftsman and landowners’ middle class, and everyone else slaves. How Athelstan came to this world, no one knows, but for the last 20 years he has been working toward a goal that only his inner circle knows, and they only know pieces of the grand plan.

    Gorlen ponders…What possibly could Valor want with the Erithar Kingdom, and why Mayher Valley? There is not much written about that area, Gorlen does recall some references he dug up from a ruined library in Arkheim, a Giant Necropolis on the southernmost end of the second continent. Scanning thru his Ancient Helm of Total Recall, he quickly finds the reference to Mayher Valley. This valley was once the capital of a Dragonborn Empire, called the Tymanchebar empire, for hundreds of years the Dragonborn were slaves to their Dragon masters, until they rose up and fought back and destroyed their Draconic Overlords. For a time the Empire found its freedom, and peace and while it prospered for several hundred years they had begun to hear rumors from the Northern Tribes they had traded with that somewhere in the Icy expanse, Chaos had broken into this world if only for a short time, no one knows for sure what caused it, some sages believe it was the Dark Gods punishing the Dragonborn. In time a Corrupted Ancient Dragon named Vermithrax, had evolved into a Chaos Dragon. Vermithrax brimming with hatred, plotting to bring destruction upon the Tymanchebar Empire. Unfortunately, that is all the history Gorlen was able to find, one thing is for sure the Dragonborn Empire is gone, and there has been no sign of Vermithrax for a millennium.

    By the fourteenth day, Valor finishes copying various maps, and element formulas behind known manaethereal weak points and known veins of Neodymium within the Mayher Valley. Scanning the library one last time for any material on manaethereal infused Neodymium. Before Valor retires for the evening, he reluctantly stops at the Library desk, and asks if there is any more material on manaethereal infused Neodymium, the librarian and Gorlen look at one another, and respond with “I think you have read everything, could it be under another name?”, Valor responds with “it might be referenced as Magnacite”. The Librarian scans his internal catalog, turning to Valor and says, “zero hits on Magnacite”. Valor mumbles. “Thanks, it was worth the try.”

    On the morning of the fifteenth day, Valor sets out for the Northern Reaches of the Erithar Kingdom. Before his departure, Gorlen shakes Valor’s hand … “Good luck on your adventure lad, hope you find what your looking for”. You seem alright, I knew a few Magnesti’s back in Argopolis several years ago, here take this big ohm gem for luck. Valor, a little confused by the Gnome’s generosity takes the gem stashing it in his robe, nodding at Gorlen … thinking to himself what a strange little librarian Gnome. And with a familiar “POP” Valor disappears.

    Once back at his shop, Gorlen begins tracking the big ohm gem Valor took. Everyone always takes a free big ohm, because yeah why wouldn’t you. Good thing he doesn’t know it’s a tracker, so I can see what he is up to.

    Ohh crap…that’s right I forgot to check on my delivery.

    Let’s see last known location was they had left the town of Creyham, traveling along Troll Road, near the Whispering Hills. I need to go check with the gate guards to see if the Triple K Caravan delivery arrived. I hope my shipment of celestial mithril, meteoric adamantium, and the star sapphire I ordered hasn’t been absconded, that is going to delay my timeline. Let’s see before I go check with the city Guard, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few barrels of Jamas beer with me, just in case some lubrication is in order.

    [Journal Entry – End]