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    Just found this sitting in a directory. The file date is July 10, 2001…

    TABLE 9: Size of Container

    Bottle, small .5 gallon
    Bottle, large 1 gallon
    Jug, small 2 gallons
    Jug, large 3 gallons
    Casket, small 4 gallons
    Keg 5 gallons
    Casket medium 6 gallons
    Casket, large 8 gallons
    Barrel, small 16 gallons
    Barrel, medium 24 gallons
    Barrel, large 32 gallons
    Tun 250 gallons

                       "You expect me to drink this swill?"
                                                 --- Anonymous

    These popular and strange alcohol drinks are usually rare or very expensive, and therefore aren’t found in every establishment. Since, the larger settlement the better the chance that they can get their hands on these exotic drinks, the chance of these drinks being available to customers is increased. If the GM wishes to have a special drink added to the menu of an establishment, he/she should roll to randomly decide if a drink can be in the establishment (Table 1, relative to the size of the settlement), roll to randomly decide what the drink is (Table 2), or make the decisions instead.

    TABLE 1: Chance of Special & Strange Drinks

     Settlement        Population            Chance
     Thorp               20-80                  5%
     Hamlet             100-400                10%
     Village, Wych      600-900                20%
     Town              1500-6500               50%
     City             10000-60000              75%

    TABLE 2: The Drinks (1d100 / 2 rounded up)

    1 Absinthe
    2 Aliant
    3 BD 20 20 (Blink Dog 20/20)
    4 Bloody Mary
    5 Brindleberry Wine
    6 Brown Mold Beer
    7 Bush Light
    8 Cragg’s Flaming Twister
    9 Dimech Beer
    10 Dornakh
    11 Dragon’s Blood
    12 Dragon’s Breath
    13 Dwarven Jalepeno Wine
    14 Dwarven Thrower
    15 Dwutharian Brandy
    16 Fire Beer
    17 The Flaming Amigo
    18 Gammonberry Wine
    19 Glempe’
    20 Green Slime Wine
    21 Jagerbeir
    22 Jolly Dwarf (J.D.)
    23 Klatchian Coffee
    24 Lycanthrope Moonshine
    25 Mages’ Brew
    26 Minotaur Malt Liquor
    27 Obliviax Wine
    28 O.D.B.
    29 Old One-Eye
    30 Pulgue
    31 Potion of Dwarven Pride
    32 Red Righettini Fungus Beer
    33 Rocgut
    34 Sake
    35 The Silver Wolf
    36 Sparking Wine
    37 Spelljamming PanGalactic GargleBlaster
    38 Tiefling Iced Tea
    39 The Utter Moron
    40 Whimsy Wine
    41 Yellow Mold Beer
    42 Zombie Killer
    43-50 ROLL AGAIN (room is left on the table for future additions)

    Name: Absinthe
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: An alcoholic liqueur flavored with wormwood, an aromatic plant that provides nice flavor and color to absinthe. “Madness and death are not things to which I aspire.” is a common saying to those that refuse absinthe. Absinthe is highly toxic to the nervous system causing madness and death. Most regions make absinthe illegal because of its great danger.

    Game Effects: A character who becomes greatly intoxicated from absinthe must make a save vs. poison. Failure cause insanity. Roll 1d10 on the following for the insanity:

     1-7  Roll on Types of Insanity Table of your RPG rule book or check out The
          Complete Guide to Sanity.
     8-9  Roll on Insanities Table 1 in the Sexual Insanity section of The
          Complete RPG Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.
      10  The insanity is chosen by the GM.

    Furthermore, the character’s Amount Level becomes 8 and Drinking Level becomes 5.
    If not healed by neutralize poison, heal, and cure disease then the character will find himself dead in 3d6 days.

    Name: Aliant
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Gnomes
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: A dry wine made by the gnomes of the Cairn Hills of Oerth. This wine is produced from berries of the Alia plant, a plant exclusive to the Cairn Hills. Each Alia plant will produce at most a forth of a gallon of berries. One hundred grams of berries will produce one gallon of Aliant.
    After a laborious process, which is kept in strict secrecy by the Cairn gnomes, the blue wine is aged. The longer the wine ages, the paler it gets, and the more dangerous it becomes.

    Game Effects: Any gnome can drink the stuff with impunity - it is a excellent, rare wine which they covet above all others. Gnomes will not suffer the intoxicating effects of alcohol. To any non-gnome, Aliant is a potent neuro-toxin. Any non-gnome drinking a cup of the wine will automatically go into a great level of intoxication and will suffer the penalties as described in the rules.

    Name: BD 20/20 (Blink Dog 20/20)
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Normal

    Description: Nicknamed “Blink Dog 20/20” by locals, BD 20/20 is touted by its ‘connoisseurs’ as “grape squeezins with a kick”. This less than remarkable wine is the poorman’s drink (at only 5 cp per cup) of Kynesboro, the small district in Karameikos where it is produced. Though the secret of its making has been well kept by clans Beryl and Darnsen (thus BD), it is said to be a medium-dry white wine “enhanced” with a particular combination of herbs and “other ingredients” found in the locale of Kynesboro town.
    The manufacture of BD 20/20 takes only about 2 weeks, with average press-to-shelf time of one month. If kept in well-sealed barrels and stored under proper conditions, the flavor will become stronger, and the eventual effects more immediate.

    Game Effects: Only when Great Intoxication is reached do the effects (and the significance of BD 20/20’s nickname) become apparent. When great intoxication is reached, the character drinking must save vs. his or her Dexterity. Success results in no adverse effects THAT ROUND. A roll against Dexterity is required each round that the character continues to drink. Failure to save results in the following effect: for 2d6 rounds, objects in the character’s gaze will seem to (but really don’t) blink for a distance of 4d6 inches in a random (or GM’s chosen direction). This effect will probably be first noticed when the character reaches for his/her cup. A direction table is given below, but GM’s choice often lends more humor to the situation.

     Random Blink Table (d10)
     1 or 6  Forward (away from character)
     2 or 7  Back    (toward character)
     3 or 8  Left
     4 or 9  Right
     5 or 10 Straight Up (most fun!)

    This effect applies not only to small objects, but to doorways, and even (heh heh…) combat opponents. This confers a -4 to hit and -2 to all saves while the effect lasts. The adverse effects of BD 20/20 last 2d6+1 rounds, after which the character passes out. The effects do not occur if the character immediately stops drinking and retires for a minimum of 5 hours. Of course, the character will remember nothing of his actions/escapades while under the effects of BD 20/20… (“I did WHAT???”)

    Name: Bloody Mary
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Any
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: A very exotic and somewhat evil drink, a Bloody Mary contains strange, rare, and usually illegal ingredients: pure tomato juice, rare Tabasco sauce (a spicy additive with the main ingredient being red peppers), the blood of a virgin female, vodka.
    Rumor has it that the Bloody Mary is the favored alcohol drink of vampires. Whether true or not, few pale-skinned people will drink a Bloody Mary after dusk. No use raising any eyebrows and ensuing a lynch mob.

    Game Effects: While not magical separately, the ingredients when combined to make a Bloody Mary creates an odd magical effect. For every serving of a Bloody Mary consumed, the drinker has a cumulative 5% chance of attracting a vampire. A check for attracting a vampire is made every hour until a vampire shows up or the drinker becomes sober. Thus, after five servings of a Bloody Mary, there is a 25% chance of attracting a vampire each hour. Of course, there is little to worry about if there is daylight out unless the drinker doesn’t sober up before dusk.

    Name: Brindleberry Wine
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Normal

    Description: This highly inspiriting wine make from the brindleberry is a favorite with males everywhere. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, and can cause a complete lack of inhibitions in anyone imbibing it.

    Game Effects: For every glass of wine drank, the drinker is likely to want and craze sexual contact a percentage equal to his wisdom (cumulative).

    Name: Brown Mold Beer
    Type: Beer (ale forms exist)
    Made By: Humans, Dwarves
    Quality: Normal

    Description: Beer made from Brown Mold is usually safe to drink. There is nothing that can be considered extremely dangerous about the mold once a Cure Disease spell has been cast on it. The beer has a strong malted taste. What is special about this beer is that it is always cold 40 degrees Fahrenheit). This beer will stay cold forever, even in the hottest climates. For this reason some tavern owners will keep some of the beer and use it as a primitive form of refrigeration. For some reason when this mold is fermented it retains its cold nature.
    To make Brown Mold Beer, the brewery must obtain some live mold. This means finding a way to transport the mold without it absorbing all the heat from whoever is transporting the mold. A container made from the hide of Draco Rigidus Frigidus (White Dragon) would be the best. With enchanted hides from a Winter Wolf being adequate. Before fermentation the mold must be killed. The most efficient way to kill the mold is to cast a Cure Disease spell on it. Then the mold should ferment normally. The Cure Disease spell should stop the cold absorption that allows the mold to grow. Sometimes if the spell does not work correctly (25%) the liquid will freeze after it is poured from the bottle.

    Game Effects: Normal.

    Name: Bush Light
    Type: Beer
    Made By: Elves
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: This light beer is the most popular beer amongst elven folk. In fact, this is considered the only other acceptable alcoholic drink next to wine. The main reason for its popularity is that Bush Light tastes great but is less filling.

    Game Effects: Elves get a bonus of +3 to any intoxication checks when drinking Bush Light. Half-elves get a +1 bonus. An elf or half-elf that drinks only Bush light will not suffer the effects of a hangover.

    Name: Cragg’s Flaming Twister (#7)
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Half-Ogre
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: A strange brew indeed created by Cragg, a crazy half-ogre bartender. Cragg is ugly and stupid but incredibly strong. He had a successful adventuring career but has retired to become a part-time bartender. Some refer to this drink as #7, a name given to it because no one has drunk more than seven Cragg’s Flaming Twisters in one sitting. This record is of course held by Cragg. (He was drunk out of his mind for days.)

    The ingredients are as followed:

     1   ounce      whimsy water
     3   drops      troll's blood
     0.5 ounces     bourbon
     0.5 ounces     grain alcohol
     1   ounce      potion of speed
     1   ounce      potato liquor (vodka)

    Game Effects: A system shock roll (separate from any other check made for drinking) is made each time a drink is taken. A failed check means the imbiber falls flat on his face, smashed out of his mind for 2d6 hours, and takes 1 point of damage per hour until a remove poison spell is cast on him or he wakes up. A successful roll means he heals at twice his normal rate for 1-3 days. Only one drink (dose) has this beneficial effect at a time. Thus, a player can not misuse this item by letting the character continue to drink it and benefit by the healing powers.

    Name: Dimech Beer
    Type: Beer
    Made By: Dwarves
    Quality: Poor

    Description: This potent beer was created by the dwarf Dimech who became quite fond of brewing.
    Dimech kept one strapped under his neck like a Saint Bernard with a tube going thru his beard so he can drink while anywhere with nobody seeing him. He discovered during a fireball one day, his beer is flammable as it blew up under his chin. (He failed his critical check and due to the special circumstances his beard burnt off.) Now “stubble” as he is affectionately called has a new weapon discovered by accident. He made a few small casks for use in combat. He throws them as a cocktail, but it is so thick that it acts like napalm (1d10 points of damage per cask).

    Game Effects: The beer is so potent that the any non-dwarf drinker must make a Constitution check or else grimace and make an involuntary “Uckgh!” sound. If he fails, then another check must be made or he vomits.
    The beer gets the drinker drunk fast. The Constitution check for intoxication is made with a -5 penalty rather than a -1.

    Name: Dornakh
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Goblins
    Quality: Poor

    Description: This liquor is a favorite of goblinkind and their half- breed kin who distill this most strange and potent liquor. Civilized races view this drink as a distorted form of whiskey. It is dull red in color with a harsh metallic aftertaste and a potent kick (alcohol content about 70%).
    Basically it is whiskey flavored with blood, traditionally that of mountain eagles. It is reputed that some distillers add other more sinister flavors.

    Game Effects: The recovery time from intoxication is doubled due to the potency of this foul liquor.

    Name: Dragon’s Blood
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Dwarves
    Quality: Normal

    Description: The drink is said to have an interesting taste, similar to liquid fire. Ale quenches the burning sensation somewhat, water makes it worse. The kicker to all of this is that it is highly intoxicating. One legend describes a dwarf who was the only one who could handle the stuff because of having a supernatural tolerance for alcohol (indeed that is all that she drank). However, four glasses of Dragon’s Blood had her blind staggering drunk.
    Dragon’s Blood costs 100 gp per glass and 1000 gp per bottle. The glasses it is served in are small shot glasses, and the bottle is not very big. Usually the glasses and bottle are made of very dark glass.

    Game Effects: After consuming one glass of Dragon’s Blood, the consumer automatically goes into a state of great intoxication. The cumulative penalty for the save vs. poison is -3 instead of -1. The cumulative chance of permanently lowering constitution is 10% instead of 5%.

    Name: Dragon’s Breath
    Type: Liquor (Mixed)
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Very Good

    Description: A popular mixed drink at Red Dragon’s Tavern was originally created by the tavern’s owner Bicardi. Bicardi is best known in other regions as the distiller of Bicardi’s Rum 151. The 151 is derived from the number of attempts it took Bicardi to perfect his rum. The main ingredient in Dragon’s Breath is Bicardi’s Rum 151. Other ingredients are Tabasco (a spicy sauce) and hot apple cider (hard cider preferred).

    Game Effects: Normal.

    Name: Dwarven Jalepeno Wine
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Dwarfs
    Quality: Very Poor

    Description: For Dwarven Jalepeno Wine, alcohol content is pretty high, somewhat like Port wine (about 18% alcohol), and it is similar to drinking Tabasco sauce. The hard part of drinking the wine is getting it down.
    One adventurer writes about his group and their encounter with this potent wine: “On our first time meeting the dwarves we were asked if we wanted something to drink. The elf said yes, wine if possible. The dwarves grinned and gave us each a glass of D.J. wine. The elf gulped in down with ease (rolled a “1” on his check). The dwarves were very impressed, so impressed that they eventually adopted him as an honorary clan member. That’s right, an elf in a dwarven clan. Who would of thought. Anyhow, we were all given complimentary bottles upon leaving. What a great time.”

    Game Effects: The character must make a Constitution check to get the first glass/drink down. If successful, he/she never has to do so again. If it fails, he/she can not drink the stuff at that time. He/she can try again on another occasion but must make the check with a cumulative -2 penalty.

    Name: Dwarven Thrower
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Dwarves
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: The Dwarven Thrower (or just Thrower for Dwarves) is a mixture of several types of Dwarven liquors. It is so popular that it is sold premixed in all establishments of those run by Dwarves. Some clans even have a rite of passage that includes the Thrower.
    Whenever a Dwarf comes of age many clans have a party. In some clans it is customary to have the celebration by drinking many Throwers. Then the imbiber is quickly helped up and rushed outside. Many clans believe that the quantity of the stomach’s contents as well as the force and distance to which they are flung are indicative to what station they will achieve and how long they will live. (YUCK !!!)

    Game Effects: Any one drinking the Dwarven Thrower does not feel any effects as long as they are sitting down. However, once they stand, the imbiber must make all checks as per effects table. The imbiber then precedes to the appropriate state within 1-4 rounds. Upon reaching a great state of intoxication, Dwarves do not need to make a save vs. poison. Instead, they have 1-6 rounds before they violently vomit. Other races make normal checks per tables.

    Name: Dwutharian Brandy
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Dwarves
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: A superior brandy made exclusively by the Dwutharian clan of dwarves. The process for making Dwutharian Brandy is long, complicated, tedious, and secret. One item is known: the brandy is stored for 500 years before it is considered ready.

    Game Effects: Normal effects, but smooooooooooooooooooooth.

    Name: Fire Beer
    Type: Beer
    Made By: Gnomes
    Quality: Normal

    Description: While some unscrupulous tavern owners would have people think that this drink is made on/from the Elemental Plane of Fire, it is actually nothing more than obscure gnomish ale that started life as a practical joke (as the race is often know for).
    The primary ingredients (at least those different from other beers) are a combination of cinnamon and hot peppers. Definitely an acquired taste and one of the few beers that needs a water chaser.

    Game Effects: Normal.

    Name: The Flaming Amigo
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Very Poor (an acquired taste)

    Description: A dangerous drink indeed. The ingredients tell it all:

     2 oz. dark rum*               2 oz. light rum*
     2 oz. 150 proof rum*          2 oz. vodka*
     2 oz. whiskey*                2 oz. tequila*
     2 oz. sweet vermouth*         2 oz. dry vermouth*
     2 oz. gin*                    5 oz. red dragon blood
     1 oz.  bat guano (crushed)    1 oz. red peppers (crushed)
                                                  * or an equivalent

    Everything is mixed together into a wooden mug and served with a tinderbox. All of the more experienced patrons of the bar start moving away when the novice drinker orders this drink. The bartender moves away after mixing the drink and tells the “victim”, from the far end of the bar, to light the drink…

    Game Effects: There is a 5% chance that the drink will explode the moment it is lit causing 1d3 points of damage to the character lighting the drink and anyone within 5 feet. If it doesn’t the character must drink it the moment it lights. The character must make a constitution check with a -2 above any other adjustments or he passes out on the floor instantly.
    A character will take one hit point of damage every time he drinks this drink unless he makes a save versus poison.
    If a character doesn’t pass-out, this is a great drink to show off how tough he is.

    Name: Gammonberry Wine
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: A highly intoxicating but delicious drink. This wine is very expensive as it uses a lot of fruit (with gammonberry being the main ingredient) and rare kind of high alcohol yeast to produce. When offered to a dwarf he said, “No thanks, I’ll stick to Dwarf Spirits. I like to keep a clear head when I’m drinking.”

    Game Effects: The Constitution check for intoxication is made with a -6 penalty rather than a -3.

    Name: Glempe’
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Humans (Nomads)
    Quality: Good (Acquired Taste)

    Description: Glempe’ was created by a Chinese/Mongolian/Arabian-type nomads. The nomads are equivalent to Mongols, except that they are basically ethnic Chinese who were forced to live in a harsh desert. The nomads are basically shepherds who depend on their herds of horses for transport. The liquor evolved from a lack of grain, fruit, and other traditional bases for alcohol. Glempe’ is fermented goat’s milk.
    Glempe’ is loved by all of the nomads, and a pot of Glempe’ is usually carried with those who travel into the outside world (which is the Land of Karadu, as created by Tom Linkenback).
    Similar to Glempe’ is Carsmacos, fermented mare’s milk (from Barry Hughart’s Story of the Stone book).

    Game Effects: Nomads are able to consume great quantities with no apparent ill effects (except for inebriation), but many gaijin (the average Karaduian) fall violently ill after one taste. Elves seem to react very negatively to the drink, perhaps because of their weaker Constitutions.

    Name: Green Slime Wine
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Drow (originally)
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: This very rare wine is made by using the remains of a small Green Slime. This can be either a white or a red wine. The wine will have a green tinge if its is a red wine. It will have a strong green color if the base wine was white. If correctly done the wine will have a leafy and not a moldy or mossy taste. One of the attractions of this wine is that it could still be dangerous. There are stories of persons turning into a Green Slime after drinking this wine. It was later found that the wine had not been properly treated.
    It is rumored that the Drow were the first to prepare this wine. Drinking the Green slime wine was a test of bravery and faith to the Drow. The secrets were brought to the surface world by a group of adventurers. During their adventures they raided a Drow encampment that had a copy of the instructions for making the wine. Ever since then this wine has become very popular among the thrill seekers of the upper world. The skill and danger involved in the creation of this wine makes it one of the most expensive wines to buy.
    To make Green Slime wine you must locate and transport a portion of live Green Slime. Enchanted glass vials seems to be the most dependable container available to adventurers. Once a sufficient amount of Slime has been collected it must be added live to the wine base at the three week mark. Immediately after adding the Green Slime a cure disease spell must be cast on the wine to kill the slime. For some reason when adding the Green Slime to the wine it becomes somewhat magic resistant. There is a ten percent (10%) chance of the spell failing. So a winery that tries to cut corners by hiring a low level spell caster may be taking a big risk. There is not always a way to know if the spell worked or not since putting the Slime in the wine can sometimes make the Slime go dormant. Now if nothing has gone wrong with the batch it should ferment normally until done. At the end of the fermentation period it is always a good idea to cast cure poison spell on the wine just incase some noxious poisons formed during the fermentation process. There is still a ten percent (10%) chance that the spell will fail. This is why the Green Slime Wine is one of the most dangerous wines to drink in most worlds. If you are not convinced read below.
    If the Green Slime Wine is contaminated for some reason it will have a number of different effects depending on what caused the contamination. If the slime was not killed when it was added to the wine it will continue to grow consuming the wine and the cask and then it will be lose in the winery. This will not usually be a problem for characters unless they are hired to dispatch this new grown Slime. If the Slime was killed but produces poison in the wine then the character drinking the wine must save vs. poison or die. If the slime was simply made dormant by the wine once in a stomach it will come alive and consume its host body creating a new Green Slime. In this case there is very little hope of survival for the character. If the slime was killed and did not create poison there is still a slim chance, about five percent (5%), that spores from the Slime will germinate in the drinkers stomach. This creates the most dramatic effect of a bad batch of wine. The first round after taking a drink of spore contaminated wine the character will start by having an upset stomach, mostly cramps and dry heaves. On the second round the Slime will have germinated and start to consume the stomach acids. This will case the character will suffer severe cramps and may cause convulsions. The third round will have the slime taking hold of the stomach lining. This will cause hit point damage of about 10% of the characters total hit points. The character must make a systems shock roll or die. On the fourth round the character must save vs. death or die, a save will inflict damage up to 50% of the characters remaining hit points. The fifth round the character will have horrible stomach cramps and will lose control of bodily functions. At this point the Slime is moving into the important bodily organs. The character must save vs. death or die, if the character saves he/she loses 50% of remaining hit points. On the sixth round Green Slime will start to come through the skin and has spread to most of the important organs. The character must save vs. death or die, if the character makes the save she/he must make a systems shock roll or die. The character should now be down to 1 hit points. For the seventh round, and each round after until the character dies or is cured, he/she must save vs. death and make a systems shock roll to survive. Also every other round the character’s constitution will be lowered by one point. This also increases the chance of death. These constitution points can be recovered if the Slime is killed and the proper curative spells are cast on the character. The character will now be at zero hit points (0 h.p.). If you are using the negative h.p. rules continue to inflict hit point damage until death. Once death has occurred, the character has become a Green Slime and only a wish spell or divine intervention can save the Character.
    Ingesting a Green Slime or its spores is a horrible way to die and the only way to prevent death is by casting certain spells before time runs out. By the second round cure poison will still save the character. By the fourth round cure disease with cure poison will save the character. By the sixth round only remove curse with cure disease will save the character. After the seventh round only a wish spell could save a character. By then to much of the characters original tissue has been corrupted by Green Slime. Without the wish spell nothing will save the character. A regeneration spell will not work because so much of the characters original tissue has been contaminated. This also includes rings of regeneration, but the ring will keep the character at zero hit points for one turn only. After that the ring of regeneration will have no other value it will be as if acid had been used on the body.

    Game Effects: Normal except special effects listed above.

    Name: Jagerbeir
    Type: Beer
    Made By: Dwarves
    Quality: Normal

    Description: Jagerbeir is a dark, bitter dwarven brew. Since most dwarves live underground, it is rather hard to grow things likes hops and barley (common ingredients in most brews). Therefore, this race made do with what does grow underground. This black beer is made of fermented fungus and cabbage. Over ten varieties of each make up the ingredients, which helps keep it a closely guarded secret (although few want the secret).
    A favorite of dwarves, Jagerbeir is currently gaining interest with humans, as a cough medicine.

    Game Effects: After consuming one glass of Jagerbeir, the character makes a Constitution check and if success, he/she is cured of any cough disorder.

    Name: Jolly Dwarf (J.D.)
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Dwarves
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: The most popular and best straight whiskey in Oerth. Jolly Dwarf is made by the dwarf clan Daniels.

    Game Effects: Normal.

    Name: Klatchian Coffee
    Type: Coffee
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: The residents of the desert kingdom of Klatch on the Discworld brew this wonderful coffee. Klatchian coffee allows the Klatch people to drink powerful liquors (the highly-distilled-spirit of the kingdom is called Ourakh, but has effects much like any other concentrated alcoholic beverage with lots of vile contaminants).
    The coffee causes the drinker to become knurd: it sends him/her off to the opposite effect of his/her inebriation. The coffee is consumed in small, small sips from small, small cups in its native land. The degree of cold rationality it instills is quite horrific to the ordinary individual.

    Game Effects: Totally cancels drunkenness, some forms of insanity (at GM option), and many aspects of the Chaotic alignment.

    Name: Lycanthrope Moonshine
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Lycanthropes
    Quality: Good

    Description: This distilled whiskey is a popular amongst lycanthropes, although each type of lycanthrope (i.e. werewolf, werebear, etc.) has their own particular brand. Interestingly, Lycanthrope Moonshine has a pure white color to it. Just as fascinating is the fact that Lycanthrope Moonshine will actually glow on nights of a full moon. This peculiar liquor is quite tasteful and thus popular among normal people even with the possible strange side effects (see below).
    Although the process for making Lycanthrope Moonshine is unknown, some rumors have arisen. Supposedly, one ingredient is the blood of a lycanthrope. Also, it can only be made on nights of a full moon, and the essence of the moon is actually captured into the brew.

    Game Effects: After consuming a serving of this liquor, the character has a 5% chance of becoming infected with the lycanthrope disease. This chance is cumulative. Thus, after Rath consumes five servings of Lycanthrope Moonshine (Werewolf), he has a 25% of contacting the lycanthrope disease of a werewolf. As one can see, the type of lycanthrope that the character can become is dependant on the particular brand of Lycanthrope Moonshine. The chance of becoming a lycanthrope starts over after the character becomes sober. Thus, Rath quits drinking for the night, sobers up the next day, and goes to drink some more Lycanthrope Moonshine, and after his first serving this night he only has a 5% chance of becoming a werewolf.

    Name: Mages’ Brew
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Humans and some elves
    Quality: Very Good to Excellent

    Description: Mages’ Brew is a potent drink, capable of putting even the strongest of drinkers under the table with just a few drinks. Spellcasters have a great deal of immunity to the effects of this drink. Naturally, Mages’ Brew is a favorite of many spellcasters.
    There are several varieties of Mages’ Brew, all having different tastes and colors. Some types of Mages’ Brew have been created to look and taste like other alcoholic beverages. Many kinds of wines and liquors have Mages’ Brew “duplicates”, so that spellcasters can look like they are drinking as much as everyone else, but remain in control.

    Game Effects: When a wizard (or any spellcaster, at the GM’s option) drinks some Mages’ Brew, he/she must make a save versus poison. If the save is successful, the spellcaster is unaffected by the drink; no Constitution check for intoxication is required for that glassful. If the save is failed, the Constitution check is made with only a -1 penalty (non-spellcasters still have a -5 penalty).
    One unusual side effect of the brew is that if any spellcaster rolls two or more 1’s on the poison check, and eventually becomes greatly intoxicated at that sitting, one spell that is currently memorized will be altered. Most alterations are merely cosmetic (color changes in the spell’s effect, or different verbal components), but on rare occasions (1% chance) the spell in memory will become something significantly different. All alterations are up to the GM. Wizards and bards are able to write this spell down, for later re-memorization and casting. The spellcaster is always able to re-learn the original spell. If one of their spells is changed, specialists will always have a spell in their specialty school altered. The new spell is always the same level of the one it replaces. Because of the strange nature of this drink, it is not possible for a mage to get drunk for the sole purpose of trying to create a new spell.
    Mages’ Brew was developed by alchemists, ages ago. However, the creation of Mages’ Brew requires neither magical nor alchemical skills, so it can be made by anyone. Mages almost never make Mages’ Brew for themselves (since it requires no magic to prepare). The secret to creating Mages’ Brew is usually well-guarded by those who know it, simply because its creation is one thing a “common brewer” can do, but a mighty mage cannot.

    Name: Minotaur Malt Liquor
    Type: Beer
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Good

    Description: This malt liquor beer is very popular amongst rough and tumbled adventurers. Of course, the reason is that it has a high alcohol content for beer and adventurers like to booze it up. The name symbolizes the hardiness of the brew. One popular advertisement is “Get Minotaur Malt Liquor, theres no bull about it”.
    Not to much is known about the brewing process, but something special must happen given the rumors of possible side effects.

    Game Effects: If a character enters a state of great intoxication due to Minotaur Malt Liquor and fails to make his/her save vs. poison, he/she slowly becomes a Minotaur instead of permanently losing a Constitution point. The transformation occurs over a period of one month. After which, the character becomes a full-fledged minotaur and acts thusly. The GM must decided how the transformation should take place. Some possibilities are slowly giving the character abilities, attributes, and features of a minotaur so it isn’t obvious at first.

    Name: Obliviax Wine (Memory Moss Wine)
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Humans, Elves
    Quality: Normal

    Description: This wine is very special. If the wine was properly fermented, the drinker will acquire the memories of whatever was most recently close enough to have its memories absorbed by the Memory Moss. The drinker will understand any spells absorbed. The character will be able to describe the spell, but will not be able to cast the spell unless the person was already a spell caster of the appropriate class. None of the memories will be retained permanently. The memories will fade within 1d4 days. The moss is not poisonous and must simply be killed to be added to the fermenting grape base.
    The GM must decide what kind of memories have been taken by the Memory Moss. Were they the memories of the person who killed it? The memories could be that of a passing animal or monster. There is a very slight chance that the memories could be of a very evil monster or demon. The memories could also be those of an adventurer who was returning to recover a large treasure horde or they could be the memories of someone trying to recover a lost love. This could be very interesting and a good way to introduce a new adventure to the characters and a chance for the GM to use his/her imagination.

    Game Effects: Normal except for special effects listed above.

    Name: O.D.B. (Old Dragon’s Breath OR Old Demons Blood)
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: O.D.B. come in two varieties, Old Dragon’s Breath and Old Demons Blood, which are very similar if not indistinguishable. O.D.B. is similar in taste to real-world Vodka. With one very notable exception. O.D.B. is magically enhanced to be 300 and 400 proof. Yes, this does mean that there is 150% to 200% more alcohol than volume. It is safe to drink, though few bodies can take more than two shots in a night. An interesting quality of such an alcohol strong liquor is that it is not very flammable.

    Game Effects: A character automatically fails all Constitution checks as they pertain to alcohol because of the potency of O.D.B…

    Name: Old One-Eye
    Type: Beer
    Made By: All
    Quality: Poor

    Description: Old One-Eye is a special brew almost all taverns are familiar with. The ingredients are one cask of a good beer, several casks of water (depending on the cheapness of the maker), and a bottle or two of poor quality wine. The best that can be said is that this beer will keep you going all night.

    Game Effects: Normal.

    Name: Potion of Dwarven Pride
    Type: Potion
    Made By: Dwarfs
    Quality: Normal

    Description: "While visiting the city of Stoink in the Bandit Kingdoms of northern Flanaess, I learned of a nearby tavern and a famed elixir the barkeep had created. So I ventured a visit to this tavern in hopes of learning the process of creating this draught. The name on the tavern wall rather stunned me. It was the Splattered Dwarf Tavern, which I will not take the time now to explain the origins of this name although it is quite an interesting tale. After getting over the initial shock of the tavern’s name, I entered and spoke with the Barkeep, Feryn Mughandle. With a little persuasion and some bartering I managed to coax the preparations of his famous elixir from him:

    2 Pints of Drinking Water
    1 Root of a Sassafras tree
    10 Java Beans (coffee beans)
    10 Poppy or Gypsum Seeds
    1 Vial (pint) of Potion of Healing

    Allow the Sassafras root to soak in the water for 24 hours. After which, decant off the water. Next, bring the water to a boil and place the Java Beans and the Poppy Seeds into the boiling water. Allow the concoction to boil until the water takes on a deep brown hue. Decant one pint of the water off of the seeds and beans. To the hot liquid, add the potion of healing. Finally, allow to cool, then place into a two pint potion vial or two one pint vials.

    Each pint has two doses. Potion must be consumed for effects to work. If tasted tongue tingles, but no other effect."

                                             --- Solomayn the Strangled

    Game Effects: Downing this liquid gives the imbiber an immunity to the effects of alcohol for one hour or it removes all previous affects of alcohol such as drunkenness or a hangover. Great for those tavern drinking competitions versus dwarves, gnomes, or swarthy barbarians.

    Name: Pulgue
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Poor

    Description: Pulgue is a fermented drink of the desert. It is made from the juice of a cactus plant called agave. It isn’t the best drink in the world, but a person’s options are limited the desert. Not to many taverns are found scattered amongst the sand dunes.

    Game Effects: Normal.

    Name: Red Righettini Fungus Beer
    Type: Bock Beer
    Made By: Deep Dwarves
    Quality: Average

    Description: A forgotten tribe of dwarves living in a cavern complex under Mt. Iridium spent years figuring out how to make beer without sunlight. No sunlight, no barley. Dwarves without beer is unthinkable - so one dwarf, Clackrock the Bold, developed a sort of brew out of fungus (called Righettini). Red Righettini Fungus Beer tastes like an odd beer, but has a fair flavor. It is a heavy, rich, strange red hue, bock-type beer. It is typically served in heavy granite mugs usually with a small, magical ruby that keeps the brew cool. The dwarves refer to Red Righettini Fungus Beer as just “beer” because they know no other type. This could change if a hearty band of adventurers open up an alcohol trade with the deep dwarves.
    The best effect of Red Righettini Fungus Beer is that one dreams in highly vivid colors. The worst effect is severe hangovers and the possibility of becoming allergic.

    Game Effects: Red Righettini Fungus Beer causes severe hangovers. Therefore, the player must roll a 1d20 rather than 1d100 when getting the hangover effects.
    There is a cumulative .1% possibility of a permanent allergic reaction after each drink. Thus, a character who has had 10 drinks in a lifetime will have a 1% possibility of becoming allergic. A character who has had 1000 drinks of this beer will have 100% possibility and therefore is automatically allergic to it.

    Name: Rocgut
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Very Poor

    Description: An inn in the city of Verbosh is named the Red Roc Inn, and inside all the furnishings are constructed from the body of a roc that the bartender slew. His roc slaying sword is on display above the counter, and the counter itself is supported by the roc’s feet. The main drink at this establishment is suitably named Rocgut.
    Rocgut is a very, very, very, potent brew. More potent and foul than even the dwarven battlerager’s brew, which is made from fermented goats milk and horrid herbs. Even dwarves are effected easily by this brew.
    Rocgut is made from the bodily fluids of the slain roc. The brew consists of blood, brain fluid, saliva, urine and a host of other fluids to be found within the body. Added to this is camel’s milk and selected herbs, the brew is left to ferment, then it is ready to served.
    The inn only has one large keg of the stuff, for another roc has not been found to make more, and so it is an extremely expensive drink Keep in mind only one cup is needed. The drink is best skulled (gulped, chugged) as sipping at the mixture only causes nausea, vomiting, and mild hallucinations.

    Game Effects: When a cup of Rocgut is skulled, the following happens. To the observer, it appears that the drinker’s face goes bright green, then incredibly pale, then swells red with blood, then returns to normal. His eyes are opened wide, and his body goes rigid. He then shakes uncontrollably, screams horribly, then passes out for the rest of the evening. Without a successful system shock a point of Constitution is lost.
    The drinker is suddenly presented with a couple of effects. The first is that he sees everything around him, and everybody, as it truly is. All masks, assumptions, illusions, etc. are stripped away. All the illusions of life are removed (a truly enlightening and very, very, terrifying experience).
    The second is that the drinker realizes his place in the order of things… he sees how infinitesimally small he is in the great scheme of things, which is an overload for the brain, as people are essentially selfish creatures.
    Finally, the drinker undergoes intense sensory hallucinations, in which he sees his greatest fear in front of him, whatever it is. One character who drank it had the hallucination of his mother-in-law with bags for two weeks stay. Then he passes out.
    Needless to say, it is usually a drink only enjoyed once in a lifetime.

    Name: Sake
    Type: Beer
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Normal

    Description: Sake is an odd beer brewed from rice and served hot. It is made by the humans of Kara-Tu and is the most popular drink in that land. The novelty of the beer and the source from which it comes makes it an expensive drink in other lands. Sake has an alcoholic content from 14 to 16 percent.

    Game Effects: Normal.

    Name: The Silver Wolf
    Type: Water
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: This exotic distilled water is made from the blood of wolves and enchanted holy or unholy water. It is usually contained in a small silver cup, carved with a symbol of a wolf howling at the moon. The water itself looks like normal clear water, with a slight pinkish tint.

    Game Effects: When drunk, the drinker is filled with images of various wolfish scenes, including various combat. After the hallucinations are finished, in 1d6 rounds, the drinker now has the instincts of wolves, including quickness and hunting (+1d6 to Strength, +2d4 to Dexterity, +1d4 Constitution, increased sense of sight and smell). This can lead to armies drinking this liquid and fighting other armies, being very victorious. The instincts wear off after about 2d6 rounds, where the drinker is then intoxicated for the next 5 days. The Silver Wolf costs usually around 100 gold pieces to 1000 gold pieces, depending on the wealth of the town.

    Name: Sparking Wine (or Shocking Wine)
    Type: Wine
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: This excellent white wine has one special property that makes it unique. Not only does it seem to anyone who looks at it that it has an electric look to it, this drink has a small electric charge. When a person takes a drink there is a 50% chance of them receiving a small electric shock that does no damage. But it is enough of a shock to disrupt concentration and cause the person to reach for their lips. There are actually two types of this wine. One is made from enchanted grapes and the other has a portion of Living Web sprinkled in the fermenting wine. The wine made from the magical grapes can never generate enough spark to harm anyone. But the wine made from the Living Web can have a lethal affect. Because even though the Web is dead it retains its ability to store electricity. Unless extreme caution is used in storing the wine it can absorb more than a small electrical charge. There is a 20% chance that the wine has absorbed enough electricity to harm the drinker. For those 20% then roll 1d6 to see how much damage occurs. On a roll of 1-3: 1 h.p. damage occurs. On a 4-5: 1d6 h.p. of damage occurs. On a roll of 6: 2d4 points of damage are possible. This wine has the possibility of being quite a shocker.

    Game Effects: Normal except special effects listed above.

    Name: Spelljamming PanGalactic GargleBlaster
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: <your favorite alien race>
    Quality: Exceptional

    Description: This exotic drink can only be found at Sun-nova Beach, an extremely exclusive speakeasy on Cygnus-5. Also available at the time of purchase is literature informing the customer of financing options, and a list of organizations that can help the customer rehabilitate afterwards.
    The recipe for the GargleBlaster has been passed down for years at the 'Beach from one bartender to the next. The legend goes something like:

     First pour in the juice of a bottle of the Ol' Manx Spirit, then add a
     measure of water from the Seas of Santraal V (Oh, that Santraal seawater!
     Oh, those Santraal fish!). Allow 3 cubes of Mantovin Mega-Gin to melt into
     the mixture (make sure it's properly iced, or the benzine will be lost!).
     Allow 2 1/2 litres of swamp gas to filter thru, and, over the back of a
     spoon, float a measure of Algorian Mega-Mint, reminiscent of the Algor
     Regions...  sweet, subtle and mystic. Finally, add the tooth of a Rakasta,
     watching it dissolve, spreading the red flames of the Second Sun deep into
     the heart of the concoction. Add an olive. Drink... but...veeerrrryyy

    Game Effects: The effects of a Spelljamming PanGalactic GargleBlaster have been likened to having your brains bashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a platinum brick. Upon completion of the drink, the character will have attained a state of Great Intoxication. A save vs. Constitution will allow him/her to be escorted (dragged) to a sleeping spot. ANY other action will result in violent illness (1 or 2 on 1d4) or unconsciousness (3 or 4). If any additional alcohol is consumed before the character rests, he/she must save vs. Poison or become comatose. See guidelines for recovery. Stimulants will have no effect on the recovery time from a GargleBlaster, but a limited wish will cut the time to half. Upon recovery, the character manifests the “Three-Spelljamming-PanGalactic-GargleBlaster Smile”, which is almost exemplary of being unsteady…

    Name: Tiefling Iced Tea
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Normal

    Description: Tiefling Iced Tea is currently only made and served in the Black Sails Tavern in the Lower Ward of a planar city. It is served in a Baatorian Green Steel mug as that is the only thing that can hold this brew without dissolving. It consists of seven different layers of alcohol, one from each of the Lower Planes.

    Game Effects: Normal.

    Name: The Utter Moron
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Any
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: The drink itself is made from the breath of dragons, bottled and stored for five years, then combined with a mixture of whiskey and beer (few people know how much of each) which is stored in an oblong glass container for another five years, where the breath combines with the liquor causing a reaction. When the breath has finally soaked in, after five years, the liquid is poured into a small pipe, which filters out all the thick portions. Then the liquid is heated until it turns into a solid, where it is sliced into 10 equal portions and separated for 10 years, where each is conditioned at a different temperature, 1st at -50 degrees Celsius, 2nd at -40, 3rd at -30 and so on. Then it is re-combined and frozen to where ice forms on its brim, and THEN it’s ready.

    Game Effects: After consuming one drop of the Utter Moron, a person is then greatly intoxicated and cannot do many menial tasks, including walking. The person immediately falls to the floor and most likely will start drooling.
    After consuming two drops of this drink, the person cannot flex any muscle, and all of them relax. This can lead to many awkward positions.
    After consuming three drops, the person immediately falls asleep. After four drops, the person loses all ability to move from the legs down permanently. After five drops, the person can only move their neck. After six drops, the person can only move lips, as to make simple words, forever. After seven drops, the person cannot move at all, forever. After eight drops, the person dies.

    Name: Whimsy Wine
    Type: Wine
    Made By: N/A
    Quality: Excellent

    Description: Whimsy Wine was created in the distant past when wild magic flowed easily from nodes of power. Gradually, the magic was tamed until the present where only a few pockets of wild magic can be found. Wherever wild magic and plant life come together at a power node, weird effects happen. Among other things, intelligent vegetation creatures are born, portals to far off jungles arise, and fruits ferment into a strange wine (Whimsy Wine).
    It is rare stuff indeed, but there always seems to be one or two places here and there where people accidently (usually in outdoor adventuring) come across it and fall in love with this wonderful concoction.
    The effects can be most amusing.

    Game Effects: One serving automatically places the drinker into a state of great intoxication.
    Players may drink as much of the wine as they want, but only one whimsy will effect the players (except where noted). The wine must be imbibed for the effects to take place. Some effects are immediate, some take a key to set off (an action, a condition, etc.). Duration of effects have been noted. Roll 1d30 (an odd die indeed) on the following table to get the proper effect:

    1 Strength reduced by half for 1d4 days.
    2 Heal 1d6 hit points (not to exceed total hit points).
    3 Fall in love with the next monster of opposite sex encountered; lasts 1d4
    4 Hiccups for two days.
    5 Polymorphs into a dragon (GM’s choice).
    6 Acute sense of smell for 1d6 day.
    7 Lisp for 1d12 day.
    8 Strength increased by three points for 1d8 days.
    9 Has intense craving for fish; lasts 1d20 days.
    10 Attracted to first party member character sees; lasts 1d4 days.
    11 Dislikes first party member character sees; lasts 1d4 days.
    12 Charisma reduced by five points for 1d12 days.
    13 Acute stench for 1d6 days.
    14 Automatically turns undead as 8th level cleric for 1d8 days.
    15 Drains ten hit points from next person he/she touches.
    16 Must possess the next magic item the party finds.
    17 Does the hokey-pokey and turns himself/herself around.
    18 Immediately sings a ballad at the top of his/her lungs.
    19 Next monster encounter will not attack the character.
    20 When the word “trap” is said, the character will spin around until dizzy.
    21 Disappears for 1d6 days into an exotic land of ecstasy.
    22 Character will be thirsty until he/she drinks two times again with both
    effects taking place.
    23 Immediately can cast a 1st level magic spell without components at random;
    even if not a mage.
    24 Falls asleep for 1d12 days.
    25 Overcome with passion for the next tree the character sees.
    26 Immune to all diseases for one week.
    27 Immediately jumps 100 feet straight up and lands without damage.
    28 Next weapon/spell use will automatically be successful; plus double damage
    and all victims fail their saves.
    29 Irresistible to all members of the opposite sex for 1d20 days.
    30 Nothing happens.

    Name: Yellow Mold Beer
    Type: Beer (Malt)
    Made By: Humans, Dwarves
    Quality: Normal

    Description: There is nothing truly dangerous about beers made from Yellow Mold. There is a slight chance that if some spores survive the fermentation process that the drinker will suffer from hallucinations for 1d4 hours (GM’s choice). There is a fifteen percent (15%) chance that enough spores will survive the process to cause hallucinations, in one bottle or keg. The mold must be killed without destroying it. This means that fire based spells or flames can not be used to kill the mold. Once the mold colony is dead it can be safely transported to the place of fermentation. The mold is fermented normally and produces a light tasting and pale beer.

    Game Effects: Normal except for special effects listed above.

    Name: Zombie Killer
    Type: Liquor
    Made By: Humans
    Quality: Good

    Description: House drink of the Bloody Fist (an adventurers’ hang out) served in thick ceramic mugs for 1 GP each - No pitchers will be served for the health of the customers. Bartenders will not serve more than six mugs to a single person in one night.
    Zombie Killer is made by fermenting a rare fungus that only grows on the bodies of defunct zombies. This is a little known fact that is kept well hidden. The Bloody Fist has an exclusive arrangement with a temple/monastery that has some rather bizarre beliefs and rituals. Making Zombie Killer is a profitable side line venture for them that goes right along with their other activities. This information goes under the heading: You are better off not knowing. If players ever get too curious.

    Game Effects: After a person drinks his/her first mug, he/she will gain one hit point permanently. Subsequent mugs do not have this effect.
    Below are cumulative effects that occur while drinking mugs of this brew. The GM has the option of adding these effects to those that would normally occur due to the guide rules or he may only use the effects that are presented here. Even though the consumer is loosing intelligence and wisdom, he/she will feel they are improving attributes.

     1st mug   +1 to INT, -2 to WIS, -1 to hit
     2nd mug   -2 to INT, -1 to WIS, -2 to DEX, -1 to hit
     3rd mug   -1 to INT, -1 to WIS, -3 to DEX, -1 to hit
     4th mug   Save vs. CON or pass out, mild hallucinations start*
     5th mug   Save vs. CON at -4 penalty or pass out, more hallucinat.*
     6th mug   more hallucinations*, pass out upon completion of mug

    These effects wear of in 1d4 hours for every mug consumed. There is a 10% chance each drinking time that the character will become mildly addicted and will need to have 1 glass/week minimum. If he/she can not get a Zombie Killer, he/she will have very strong cravings (non- debilitate). If he/she goes six weeks without, the addiction is broken. But if he/she gets some after being denied for awhile, he/she will drink them into oblivion.
    * All hallucinations associated with a Zombie Killer are of a mild, pleasant, and non-threatening variety. People drunk on Zombie Killer are actually very happy fun people who think they are discovering all the answers to the questions of the world, they just can’t remember them the next day.

    Other drinks that are currently being worked on:

     Demon Spit
     Orc Piss
     Panther Piss