• PC

    I don’t think i have ever seen a actual Battle Ogre Template written down, so here we go. Please adjust as necessary

    Battle Ogre Template

    Hit Dice: 15d10 (150 hp)
    AC: +5 Natural, -1 Size, +Dex, +Spiked Armor
    Attacks: Shovel, or Great/Huge Weapon
    Defenses: Spiked Armor (plate equivalent)
    Space/Reach: 10/10
    Special Qualities: Psionics, Darkvision, Giant Blood
    Feats: Toughness, Weapon Focus (shovel), Power Attack, Cleave
    Size and Type: Large
    Languages: Ogre, Giant, and Common
    Abilities: Str +4, Con: +2, Cha: -2 (???)
    Speed: 40ft
    Alignment: Varies

    Psionics: Kinetic Control, Energy Containment, Duo-Dimension Blade, Adapt Body
    Darkvision: Battle Ogre has darkvision to a range of 60ft.
    Giant Blood: Ogres can use magic items with racially specific powers to that of Giants and can wield a weapon one size category greater than Large and not suffer to-hit penalties.

    Level Adjustment: ???

  • DM

    I had something someplace. I’ll poke around my system later.