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    Manual of Quickness of Action +5
    Belt of Incredible Dexterity +6 (maybe as a ring or a bracelet)

    Gimme a bit, will think of more later, it’s late…

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    Dexterity boosts are always a good thing, but before we go down the road of kitting out Immeral we need to figure out what we are doing a 3.5 Monk or a 10e Monk?

    That could very much change the strategy on how we build a better, faster, stronger monk.

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    These are mainly to help boost him alittle while it is decided on where to take him. Given the dex boost while help his AC and his to hit’s (finesse).

    Not planning alot of stuff for him right now, just something to help Immeral in till things are figured out.

  • @halfgiant said in Kargin - For Immeral:

    we are doing a 3.5 Monk or a 10e Monk?

    I’m very much interested in the idea of the 10e Monk, but as it stands I don’t know what’s what. I have a character on Roll20 specced out, but with no equipment or class abilities yet, because I don’t know what on the 10e Monk is “approved”. There’s also 7 other class abilities still to be defined (I could probably spitball a few more, but I’m pretty sure I got to the end of my creative abilities with what I’ve got so far). Basically, I feel like I’m at a point with the 10e Monk definition that I need feedback on what’s there so far.

    All of that said, talking with @DarkWulf last night we came up with some good ideas (and figured out that I was handicapping myself in a few areas) to improve Immeral’s overall abilities. Also, since our campaign is so flexible and Immeral is in a flex state atm, would it be possible to do two side-by-side builds? Basically, take a copy of Immeral with his current gold hoard and spec him out as a 10e Monk (after it’s been polished some); and at the same time spec out the 3.5e Monk. Maybe doing that will identify some key areas where we should focus on the 10e Monk.

  • DM

    There is more or less nothing that is bad. .

    Some of it feels like it needs tweaking, but without game play testing I don’t know what that is.

    Sadly I do not have enough spare time to work out permutations of the abilities on top of trying to update monsters for the campaign.