downtime item disussion & thread index

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    so, not to interrupt the flow of DM fucking going on over in this thread

    Item Post # DM Approval
    Figurine of the Ancients Forge 1 -
    Crafter Golem Upgrade 2 Yes, XP cost needing discussed
    Staff of the Blastificer (Greater) 3 There is a lesser? Also, Heavy Magic, wut….
    Ring of the Avatar 4 -
    Belt of Epic Magnificence 5 -
    Boots of the Juggernaut 6 -
    Robe of the Master Artificer 7 -
    Doombringer (Epic Weapon) 8 -
    Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization 9 -
    Rod of Cancellation (Greater) 10 -
    Kargin’s Glasses 11 -
    Goggles of Warrior Sight 12 -
    Artificer’s Whetstone 13 -
    Chaos’ Razor 14 -
    Netherbane (Greater) 15 -
    Helm/Cloak of the Traveler 16 -
    Rod of Absorption (Greater) 17 -
    Ring of the Mighty Wallop 18 -
    Ring of Divine Agility 19 -
    Gem of Dimensional Lock 20 -
    Dwarven Warlord Plate +8 21 -
    The Mad Frog’s Swift Charge 22 -
    Vest of the Martyr 23 -
    Shield of the Protector 24 -
    Annihilation Cannon 25 -
    Tattoo of the Mind 26 -
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    So @halfgiant The biggest question is how much of this you think is actually getting made.

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    Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 12.01.00 PM.png

    Adding 1 Hit Die to a Crafter Golem is a cost of 2,000 gp and 160 XP

    12 Golems, each increased from 16 to 18 HD, totaling - 48,000 gp, and 3,840xp

    Artificers have a relatively small Craft Reserve (part of the class mechanic), in this particular case Kargin’s is 5,000. Which historically is the xp bucket he has used to create and upgrade his Homunculi (crafter golems) over the course of the game.

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    @daermadm said in downtime item disussion & thread index:

    So @halfgiant The biggest question is how much of this you think is actually getting made.

    That really depends on how much treasure (ie. gold) comes out of the treasure divide, and not everything in the list is Kargin’s, there are a few things in there for Rorek, Slaad, and Onaga, possibly even Immeral.

    I suspect i won’t be able to build everything, certainly a healthy chunk of it could get crafted before running completely out of money, and i have to go back to selling it on a street corner again.

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    The above list isn’t complete, i think i have to clean up my notes on 3 additional items, finish up the descriptions, and then i’ll post them. After that I think we will be done for this Downtime cycle.