Daerma Adventures is conveting back to 3.5e

  • DM

    I know I talked about it in game but wanted to post an announcement also.

    We will be converting the game back to a 3.5 campaign. After 2 years (sometimes more off than on) I have gotten tired of patching thing in to make the game fun.

    At its core, the 5e game system is not a bad system. But is is not as good as the 3.5 system was.

    I know some of you even think that 2e was one of the best.

    I withheld judgment this long because of how off and on we have been able to play.

    I will be posting threads in the house rules to handle converting questions.

  • PC

    3.5/d20 does offer much more depth and variety in lore, classes, races, monster, feat, spell, magic item, etc… options plus pathfinder is still going strong banging out content. 5E was fine, but it does seem rather lacking on options and content. Since Wizards is only kicking out a product every Quarter annually which is painfully slow plus some of it is just a rehash of things done before.

    I think it will be good to make the move.

  • DM

    I need a little more time to settle on a character sheet.

    I did not see any community sheets for 3.5 so I was looking at either the core 3.5 sheet or the pathfinder sheet.

    Pathfinder sheet: https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/4735667/pf-pathfinder-sheet-thread-6