Halfgiant's 3.5 Cleric Buff Guide to Optimization

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    Not all inclusive list, i intended not to share all my tricks, but here is a healthy list from which to start.

    Conviction (SC 1) [+2 +1/6lvls max 5 morale to saving throws]
    Shield of Faith (SRD 1) [+2 +1/6lvls deflection AC]
    Divine Favor (SRD 1) [+1luck attack and damage/3lvls max 3]
    Elation (BoED 2) [+2 morale str/dex, +5feet]
    Brambles (SC 2) (+1 enhancement dmg/lvl max 10)
    Recitation (SC 4) [+2 luck: AC, attack, saving throws, +3 if worships same diety]
    Divine PowerP (SRD 4) [BAB=CharLvL, +6enhancement str]]
    Sheltered Vitality (SC 4) [immunity to fatigue, exhaustion, ability damage, ability drain]
    Freedom of Movement (SRD 4)
    Death Ward (SRD 4) [immune to all death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, any negative energy effects]
    Greater Blindsight (SC 4) [blindsight 60ft]
    Righteous Might (SRD 5) [+1 size, +4 size str, +2 size con, +2 enhancement nat armor, DR 3,6,9/evil]
    Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (SC 5) [+1 attack at highest BAB, +3 morale attack/damage]
    Divine Agility (SC 5) [+10 enhancement dex]
    Holy Transformation (SC 7) [+4 sacred: str, con, saving throws, DR5/evil, -2attack/saving throws within 10feet]
    Holy Star (SC 7) [see description]
    Stormrage (SC 😎 [fly 40, immune to thrown/projectile ranged attacks, lightning attack]
    Holy Aura (SRD 😎 [+4deflection AC, +4resistance saves, SR25vs evil]
    Antimagic Field (SRD 😎
    Greater Visage of the Deity (SC 9) [+1 nat armor, +4 str/con/wis/cha, +2dex/int, DR10/magic etc see description]
    Miracle (SC 9 dup SC druid 6) [+16 enhancement str, +2 dex, +8 con, +7 nat armor, gain claw/bite attacks]
    Vigor - Lesser (SC 1) [fast healing 1], Regular (SC 3) [fast healing 2], Greater (SC 5) [fast healing 4]

    Magic Vestment [SRD 3: +1/4 CL to Armor/Shield Enhancement]
    Greater Magic Weapon [SRD 4: +1/4 CL to Armor/Shield Enhancement]
    Heroes’ Feast [SRD 6: Immunity to poison, fear, random bonuses]
    Spikes [SC 3: +2 Enhancement, 2*Threat Range and +CL Damage on e.g. Quarterstaff]
    Greater (Superior) Resistance [SC 4 (6): +3 (6) Resistance to saves]
    Contingent Energy Resistance [SC 4: Contingent Resist Energy 10]
    Energy Immunity [SC 6: Immunity to a type of energy]
    Mantle of the Icy Soul [SC 6: Cold subtype]
    Divine Insight [SC 2: 5 + CL bonus to one skill check made during its duration]

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