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Battle Tactics:

Place to discuss ideas around 10E 21st level and above Battle Tactics:

Primal Champion - Your body honed as a fine weapon, has adapted to years of adrenalin surges, and now the +6 STR and +6 CON have become permanent.

Indomitable - For the number of times equal to the warriors CON mod, the warrior can shrug off critical’s reducing them to normal hits, this resets on a new day.

Unforgiving Surge - Your Surge can keep you Fighting despite grievous wounds. If you drop to 0 Hit Points while you’re surging and don’t die outright, instead you drop to 1 hit point instead.

Relentless Bloodlust - This warrior goes into a whirlwind of ass wooopery, having little regard to their well being. While in this state every successful melee attack gains a +10 damage, the warrior suffers a -10 to AC.

Wield Oversized Weapon - The warrior has mastered the ability to wield two-handed weapons, that are 2 size categories larger than them in one hand without penalty. Probably needs a Strength prereq of some kind here.

Energy Spirit Admixture - Allows the warrior to combine 2 energy types at once to their weapon, the energy damage inflicted is done by only one of the two energy types. But it allows the warrior better chances at overcoming any unknown immunities the creature may have.

Stalwart Defender - The 10E warrior can use his armor now as a energy focus for on of his energy types, and instead of the energy acting as a damage shield, it can act as damage reduction absorbing the same amount of damage as it would have normally dealt being a damage shield.

Disciplined Mind - Mind Flayer hunters, have managed to focus their different energy types to specific pieces of their armor, in this particular instance they could energize their helmets with electromagnetic energy, disrupting mind flayer mind blasts allowing the warriors a opportunity to cut them down.