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    The follow list of staffs all recover 1 charge per hour, they no longer recover 1dN charges at dawn:
    Staff of: Charming, Fire, Frost, Healing, Striking, Swarming Insects, and Woodlands

    The Staff of Withering regains 1 charger per 12 hours.
    The Staff of Power regains 2 charges per hour.
    The Staff of the Magi regains 3 charges per hour.

    This change represents the fundamental difference in magic on this world due to the existence of the Mana Plane (Manathereal?)

    Staffs with abilities that are expended, regain the use of those expended Abilities after a long rest.

    General note:
    Regaining charges at dawn is stupid, even without my changes for the Mana Plane.


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    Original reply from @halfgiant

    Should there be a general rule that a general magical staff regains 1 charge per hour, a +1 staff regains 2 charges per hour, a +2 3 charges per hour… and everything else outside of that would be by DM exception? I noticed the Staff of Withering regains 1 charge per 12 hours. Haven’t read the staff of withering, it may make sense not sure.

    Trying to keep it simple.