• DM

    Ignore the rules for multiclassing in the book. They suck.

    Note: I am sure as things happen it will trigger a memory for a special ruling or something that I made previously in 3.5 and I will implement it. But this should cover most bases.

    • Anytime you are awarded XP, you may declare that you are going to add a new class at level 1.
    • You must spend 1,000xp to attain level 1.
    • You may never level a class multiple levels with a single XP gain.
      • The max you can put into a level at once is a level and a half of XP for any single class.
      • Basically you cannot get awarded 6,000xp for a high level fight and suddenly become a 4th level wizard.
      • So when you start a new class, it will have a maximum of 500xp and will cost you a total of 1,500xp.
      • The next time you get XP, you could bring the class up to 1,500xp total (halfway to level 3), then up to 4,500xp, etc.
    • Hit Points stack
      • As per normal, you gain max HP for level 1
      • All subsequent levels have to be half or better on the dice (standard house rule).
    • You use the best BAB of your classes, it does not stack.
    • You use the best saves from your classes.
      • Yes this potentially means you have all good save bonuses.
        • Don’t worry I will still kill you.
    • You gain skill points per each class.
      • Your class versus cross class skills should be bought with skill points gained from the appropriate class.
        • When you level wizard, you cannot use skill points 1:1 for a skill that is cross class to a wizard, even if it is a class skill for your fighter class.
    • You gain feats as each class hits the every 3 level mark.
      • Yes, if you keep you levels balanced, you will get a feat for eah class when it hits 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc.
    • You gain ability score increases as each class hits the every 4 level mark.
      • Yes, if you keep your levels balanced you will get an ability score increase for each class when it hits 4, 8, 12, etc.
  • DM

    @dwarf or @halfgiant, you both had multiclass characters in the previous 3.5e campaign.
    Chime in with anything I neglected here.

  • PC

    ability bumps are ONE point @ every 4 lvl mark in 3.5e, just as a reminder 😉