Day XX December 12, 2017

  • DM

    The party returned to V`Ral and had Immeral returned to flesh and then set about aquiring a Cauldron of Resurrection in order to resurrect Kargin now and other party members in the future.

    They also acquired a regenerable Stone to Flesh gem.

    The party then head back out now 3 days after they first left.

    Moving back down the tunnel, the part passed the half mile mark where the previous encounter took place, but another couple hundred feet on , they were accosted by 2 beholders.

    After eventually defeating the beholders, the party aquired a number of gems and 2 potions of Extra Healing form each beholder.
    Total Gem value = 3498 gp

    After returning Immeral and Onaga back to flesh, the party continued down the tunnel.
    This time they were tossing continual light bullets down the hallway in front of them for better vision. About 1500 feet later they encountered another beholder, but they got the drop on him and it did not live long enough to do anything.

    This beholder also had 2 potions of Extra Healing and a bunch of gems on it.
    Total Gem value = 9930 gp

    After defeating this beholder, the party moved another quarter mile (noa bout a mile in from the original teleportation barrier of the mythal, the tunnel opened about 1000 feet up the side of an enormous cavern so large that it holds an entire ruined city.

    The party earned 11,770XP (2,340 XP each)

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