August 2, 2018

  • DM

    After scrying for a day, the party decided to abduct the guard that Kargin had followed home while scrying.

    Unfortunately the guard lived in the North Eastern segment of the city while the party was still in the North/Northwest segment.

    The party descended to the underground tunnels again and attempted to work their way to the northeast sector of the city.

    Along the way they encountered and killed 3 abnormal beholders that appeared to also be spell casters.

    Defeating them all in turn, the players finally made it to a guard tunnel entrance near the house of the hoard.

    The players were awarded 2100XP each and found the following
    Potion of Enlarge Person
    Potion of Virtue
    Scroll of Align Weapon
    Scroll of Stone Shield

  • PC

    and used the disco-beholder ball of paralysis to subdue the fraidy-dwarves so Immeral could sneak us over to kidnap the guard - whereupon we retreated back underground to the tunnelz with our sedated captive being prepped for an alchemical brain dump… which is where cloud called it for the nite as we were about to run into some more yummy beholders on our way to a hidey hole

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